JIGOTT Snail Repairing Cream

December 13, 2019
I'll be honest. Like frogs and bugs, I find snails icky and you'd have to offer me a lot of money to make me even touch one. But would I slather my face with snail byproducts? YOU BET! I've actually been using the Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream for over a year now. Since I love it so much, I decided why not add another snail-y step to my skin care regime?

Now I never heard of the brand JIGOTT before but apparently it's pretty well known? I scored this from my bff who was selling all kinds of skin care stuff at the Flair pop-up bazaar last month. I also don't know the exact price because I see it being sold on Shopee and the like for Php 900 and up. I got this for just Php 600 though.

So the product's name and the little blurb under it are the only English text on the box. Everything else was in Korean. But thanks to the power of the internet, I quickly found a description off Amazon:
The product makes skin bright and healthy by protecting it from external stimulus including stress as nourishing cream containing various moisturizing factors. Its snail secretion filtrate gives skin flexibility and softness.

The tub itself is fairly big and holds 100g of product. Even if Php 600 is a little out of your budget for a moisturizer, the fact that this could last you a long time is something to think about. I've been using this nightly for a couple of weeks now and it looks like I barely dipped into it.

Now why is snail mucin (slime) so good for skin? It's pretty much a 'wonder' ingredient that's supposed to repair skin damage, boost collagen production, even out skin tone, and firm and tighten the skin. It gets recommended quite often for dry and/or more mature skin, and lots of Korean ladies love it to help beat back early signs of aging.

Just like a typical snail moisturizer, its formula is a little heavy and sticky. Perhaps not the most ideal for oily skin, but heaven sent for those with dry skin like me. I looove creams that make your face feel 'tacky' after. Despite that, it actually absorbs faster than you'd expect. I actually got giddy the first time using this. It really is like those Korean ads where the snail cream forms long 'strings' as you pull it apart since it's so sticky and slimy.

Like I said, I've been using this for a while now and I have to say, it does a really good job of moisturizing my skin and making it feel more supple. I apply this every night as my last skin care step, and yes, sometimes I still have some small, dry patches when I wake up in the morning. My skin is just that dry. But it's much less than I normally do if I don't apply it, and compared with other moisturizers I've tried before. Just before applying makeup, I like to dab a little bit on the driest parts of my face (my cheeks) and work it into my skin to get rid of any remaining rough textures and flakiness. With that, I'm excited to keep using this until it's all gone!

Have you tried any snail mucin infused products before like creams, masks, etc.? What are your favorites?

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