What I Bring To The Gym

August 11, 2019
Last year, I finally kicked off a healthier lifestyle and began eating better and going to the gym regularly. Curves, to be exact, since I've heard glowing reviews about the place from friends. Not only have I lost weight, but it's done wonders to improve my sleep, mood, and increased my overall energy levels.

I hit the gym 2-3 times a week, and over time I figured out what are the must-have essentials to bring along with me. Curious what they are? Read on and find out.

Miss Bella Marble Brush Set

January 17, 2019
After going through my current stash of makeup brushes, I decided I needed to get rid of most of them. Some were too old, and some just weren't that great. I also had way more than I needed and wanted to keep it to the essentials.

So after I tossed them all out, only keeping a small handful of newer ones, I got this Marble Brush Set (Php1,000) from Miss Bella to act as my core brush collection.

The set comes with 10 brushes, all housed in this beautiful, magnetic case you can display on your vanity. You can also choose brushes with either white or black handles, or get them in a pouch. The pouch set has the same brushes and is Php50 cheaper.

Skin Care Hub Rejuvenating Facial Set

January 11, 2019
Getting to work with local brands is always a delight. I love trying out and promoting products that are made right here in the Philippines, especially if they're affordable. While you can definitely love foreign brands, embracing and buying from local ones is just as important in my opinion.

One brand I recently got to collaborate with is Skin Care Hub, and they kindly sent me one of their best sellers, their Rejuvenating Facial Set (Php299), to try out.

Skin care sets are always exciting for me because I like the idea that all the products in it are supposed to compliment each other. Oh, and some great news: Skin Care Hub's products are natural and organic, paraben free, and cruelty free. Love, love, love!

Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask

October 02, 2018
Good news, sheet mask addicts! Asia's #1 best-selling sheet mask brand, Dr. Morita, is now in the Philippines. I was lucky enough to be invited to the official launch last week where we learned all about the brand and why it's been so popular for years.

Prior to the launch, I was already a semi-regular Dr. Morita user. The first one I ever tried was their Intense Hydrating Serum Facial Mask. I really liked how it gave my skin a super boost of hydration and made it so soft and supple, even after just one use. Today, though, I'll be reviewing the mask we were given at the launch and one of their top sellers: the Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask (Php74.00/per sheet).

Dr. Morita says...
The Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask includes large, medium, and small Ceramide molecules and complex moisturizing ingredients that keeps skin moist, smooths fine lines, and resists skin aging.
AIW Skin Care 101: Hyaluronic acid is an important ingredient, especially for dry skin. It prevents premature aging because as we all know, the key to keeping skin looking young is moisture and hyaluronic acid is a humectant, a moisture-binding ingredient. Ceramides, on the other hand, are lipids (oils). They also help to retain moisture and strengthen the skin's barrier.

Is the hype real?: Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush

August 20, 2018
I'm usually not the type of person who feels the need to buy hyped up products. I'm no hype beast, let's put it that way. But every now and then, something starts trending and it catches my interest.

Luna Organics' Autumn Clay Blush has been all over Instagram and Facebook these past few weeks. I've seen tons of re-sellers cashing in on its popularity and there are already lots of imitations from other brands promoting their own form of 'clay blush'. Long story short, seeing how this looked on other girls instantly made me want it.

Before I go on, I have to mention that this product is possibly a FAKE and not Luna Organics authentic. I only say that because I bought it off Shopee from the seller haugentleness for Php155. I'm only listing the seller so you can avoid making the same mistake. As far as I know, the original costs a bit more and mine has a slightly bad printing job on the packaging as you can see.

I should have gone straight to the source and ordered from Luna Organics' official Instagram page, but at the time they were sold out and I wanted the convenience of paying COD, so I ended up on Shopee instead. There are many fakes on both Shopee and Instagram though, so beware. I unfortunately thought I was buying the real thing when I doubt I was.

Anyway, fake or not, I'm still going to push through with my review!