Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask

October 02, 2018
Good news, sheet mask addicts! Asia's #1 best-selling sheet mask brand, Dr. Morita, is now in the Philippines. I was lucky enough to be invited to the official launch last week where we learned all about the brand and why it's been so popular for years.

Prior to the launch, I was already a semi-regular Dr. Morita user. The first one I ever tried was their Intense Hydrating Serum Facial Mask. I really liked how it gave my skin a super boost of hydration and made it so soft and supple, even after just one use. Today, though, I'll be reviewing the mask we were given at the launch and one of their top sellers: the Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask (Php74.00/per sheet).

Dr. Morita says...
The Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask includes large, medium, and small Ceramide molecules and complex moisturizing ingredients that keeps skin moist, smooths fine lines, and resists skin aging.
AIW Skin Care 101: Hyaluronic acid is an important ingredient, especially for dry skin. It prevents premature aging because as we all know, the key to keeping skin looking young is moisture and hyaluronic acid is a humectant, a moisture-binding ingredient. Ceramides, on the other hand, are lipids (oils). They also help to retain moisture and strengthen the skin's barrier.

Is the hype real?: Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush

August 20, 2018
I'm usually not the type of person who feels the need to buy hyped up products. I'm no hype beast, let's put it that way. But every now and then, something starts trending and it catches my interest.

Luna Organics' Autumn Clay Blush has been all over Instagram and Facebook these past few weeks. I've seen tons of re-sellers cashing in on its popularity and there are already lots of imitations from other brands promoting their own form of 'clay blush'. Long story short, seeing how this looked on other girls instantly made me want it.

Before I go on, I have to mention that this product is possibly a FAKE and not Luna Organics authentic. I only say that because I bought it off Shopee from the seller haugentleness for Php155. I'm only listing the seller so you can avoid making the same mistake. As far as I know, the original costs a bit more and mine has a slightly bad printing job on the packaging as you can see.

I should have gone straight to the source and ordered from Luna Organics' official Instagram page, but at the time they were sold out and I wanted the convenience of paying COD, so I ended up on Shopee instead. There are many fakes on both Shopee and Instagram though, so beware. I unfortunately thought I was buying the real thing when I doubt I was.

Anyway, fake or not, I'm still going to push through with my review!

VWash Plus

August 13, 2018
A lot of us women are kind of picky when it comes to what we use in the shower. What shampoo to use, which body soap is best, or even if you should get a loofah or not. But what many don't really think about is the right kind of product for your most intimate area. That's right - your vagina. Your hoo-ha. Your cave of wonders.

I'm very particular about my own personal feminine hygiene, especially living in a country where one can get sweaty (and funky) in practically every crack and crevice of your body. That's why I like to try out different feminine washes to hunt down the best one for me. The latest one I decided to test was this VWash Plus.

The best defense against any vaginal discomfort is prevention. Protect your most delicate area with daily use of a special product - VWash Plus.
  • VWash Plus is enriched with sea buckthorn oil which contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids.
  • Daily washing with VWash Plus leaves a fresh sensation and maintains healthy vaginal flora.
  • Prevents unpleasant odors and irritations in the intimate areas.
  • Paraben and SLS/SLES free

Say Hello to Happy with Benefit Cosmetics

July 01, 2018
The weather has been kind of gloomy these days, but trust one of the happiest and most colorful brands, Benefit Cosmetics, to brighten things up with the launch of their newest product - the Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation.

If you're happy and you know it...click the link below to find out what got me tickled pink at the event!

The Face Shop Metal Lip Color

June 26, 2018
Who's your favorite Marvel superhero? I've got my top three which are Deadpool, Spider-Man and Iron Man. They've been my top three since I was high school too. I guess I've always had a thing for sarcastic, smart-ass superheroes!

Speaking of Iron Man, next up on my TFS Marvel collection review spree is their Metal Lip Color featuring none other than Tony Stark himself.

The metal lip color provides a cooling sensation with its metal tip and creates a glistening lip look.  
  • The glittery and glossy texture of this lip product sits closely to your lips to impart a vibrant lip color.
  • This product offers a clean usage by designing the product to dispense a small dose of lip color by rotating the screw.
  • This lip color is infused with Argan oil and offers hydration and a smooth finish.