What I Bring To The Gym

August 11, 2019
Last year, I finally kicked off a healthier lifestyle and began eating better and going to the gym regularly. Curves, to be exact, since I've heard glowing reviews about the place from friends. Not only have I lost weight, but it's done wonders to improve my sleep, mood, and increased my overall energy levels.

I hit the gym 2-3 times a week, and over time I figured out what are the must-have essentials to bring along with me. Curious what they are? Read on and find out.

I sometimes wear makeup to work, and having a clean face at the gym is a must for me. I don't want any makeup clogging my pores after all. Currently, I'm going through a pack of these Beauty Formulas Gentle To Skin Cleansing Wipes that I like to help with that.

My Curves branch sadly doesn't offer free water like most other gyms. You either have to buy a bottle or bring your own. I tend to do the latter. I'm a huge fan of Manna Hydration tumblers and this is where I store my water for a workout sesh. It's huge and keeps my water ice cold, just how I like it.

Since we have a required work uniform, I bring along an extra shirt to change into when I get to the gym. I love this shirt I got from Curves. It's comfortable, comes in small to really big sizes, and the cotton is really soft and breathable.

Being a play and music pre-school teacher means my work is very physical. I move around a lot, dancing and singing, and I walk 30 minutes after work to get to the gym. Even if I know I'll get sweaty during my workout, I still like to spritz a bit of body spray on beforehand for a boost of confidence.

Yes, I'm currently using Axe. I know it's targeted for men, but I love the scent so I don't mind. Does it matter anyway? Sometimes my deo won't be as effective at the end of the day either, so this works nicely as a temporary deodorant at the same time.

Post-workout session, and before my shower when I get home, I like to freshen up so that I feel less gross during the walk home. That's why I always have a pack of cooling wipes with me.

I recently bought these new Sanicare Cooling Wipes to try out. I'm a little disappointed though because even if they're toted as "XL" in size and "cloth-like", they're not that much bigger or thicker than regular wipes. The menthol is kind of weak too and the wipes I usually get from Miniso are better.

I'm very particular about how clean my hands are, so I'm never without hand sanitizer. I like that this Sanicare Clean Hands one has a mild scent and is foamy too. It also dries just as quickly as gel ones and according to Sanicare, foam sanitizers last longer overall. Lots of different people use the gym equipment, so it's good practice to clean your hands after working out.

And no, this post isn't sponsored by Sanicare. I promise! Haha.

I can build up a good sweat in the middle of my workout, but don't you just hate it when that sweat gets in your eyes and it stings? I bring this cooling towel from Miniso with me as I move between workout stations so that I can easily mop up my face when needed.

This isn't any ordinary towel though. You're supposed to soak it with water and wring it out, and it retains a level of coldness for hours that's super refreshing. I love draping this over my neck to keep me feeling cool the whole time.

I usually arrive a little bit early to the gym, so I often break out my tablet and catch up on some reading while waiting. Currently, I'm reading (and loving) The Longings of Wayward Girls by Karen Brown.

Do you also workout regularly? What are some of your gym go-to necessities?

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