Skin Care Hub Rejuvenating Facial Set

January 11, 2019
Getting to work with local brands is always a delight. I love trying out and promoting products that are made right here in the Philippines, especially if they're affordable. While you can definitely love foreign brands, embracing and buying from local ones is just as important in my opinion.

One brand I recently got to collaborate with is Skin Care Hub, and they kindly sent me one of their best sellers, their Rejuvenating Facial Set (Php299), to try out.

Skin care sets are always exciting for me because I like the idea that all the products in it are supposed to compliment each other. Oh, and some great news: Skin Care Hub's products are natural and organic, paraben free, and cruelty free. Love, love, love!

I'm always hesitant to use bar soaps on my face because many have caused breakouts or redness, but this KojicAcid Soap surprisingly didn't give me any. Maybe that's because I don't leave it on for 1-3 minutes like the instructions say. I use it strictly for cleansing, not for cleaning + exfoliating. But even if it's on my face for 30 seconds max., there is still a bit of mild exfoliating which is fine. I can tell it's working because I feel slight tingling on my skin before I rinse it all off.

Exfoliant Toner
Toners are a must in my skin care regime. I like using them to restore any lost moisture after washing my face and to prep my face for the rest of my skin care products. This one though is an exfoliating toner. I already use a chemical exfoliant every night (Maxipeel Zero), so to prevent myself from over-exfoliating, I stopped using it to try this out for a couple of weeks instead.

While the exfoliating effects are mild, it's still strong enough to help smoothen skin and get rid of or minimize rough, dry patches on skin. I had a very negative reaction to an expired face mask a few months ago and it left my right cheek very dry and flaky. So far, the soap and toner combination has been really helping it feel and look much better. While the red bumps (acne? rashes?) are still visible, my cheek is no longer as sandpaper-y rough as it used to be. The rest of my face has become much smoother too.

The Rejuvenating Cream is the last step in my (night time) skin care routine. It's also supposed to be exfoliating, though I wish it wasn't. I prefer to have 1-2 exfoliating products at most or else I feel it'll be too much for my skin. But since they're all quite mild, I guess you can use all three with no problem.

I'm not a big fan of the cream, mainly because it's very mattifying. I already have dry skin to begin with, so I want moisturizers to leave my skin with that tacky, sticky sort of feeling as it absorbs and to give me a bit of shine. The formula is also a little 'stiff', and it only softens into a more cream-like consistency when you start to rub it in. Makes it great for traveling (no spills), but it's still best suited for those of you with oily skin because it leaves zero shine behind and has an instant matte finish.

Last but not least is the Sunblock Cream. The lavender color was interesting to me, and lavender tinted makeup bases/correctors are supposed to help skin look brighter and more even-toned, so I think that's the reason for it.

The formula though is exactly like the Rejuvenating Cream so again, not a fan. It just ends up highlighting all the dry areas of my face and is hard to spread evenly. The best sunscreen for me in terms of texture and consistency is still my SUNCUT Ultra UV Water Splash Gel from Japan. The only thing I do like about this one is that it has a decent amount of SPF in it.

Out of the entire set, I think it's clear the soap and toner are my favorites. If I had an oilier complexion, I'm sure I'd also love the sunblock and cream, but it's just not for me. After 2 weeks of regular use, I have to say the set did live up to some of its promises. While I didn't notice any whitening effects (then again, I'm already fair), it has been keeping breakouts at bay and even helps diminish existing ones. The consistent, but still mild, exfoliating also makes my skin looks brighter and smoother thanks to it getting rid of built-up dead skin cells that usually leave my face dull and dry.

For just Php299, I'd say this set is a pretty good deal. If you have oily skin, then it's an even better deal. At least I liked half of the products it came with. If I could repurchase just the soap and toner on their own to maintain the current smoothness and softness of my skin, I definitely would.

Disclaimer: The featured product/s were given or provided to me by the named company or a representative of the company for review purposes. Any opinions given on said product/s are entirely my own and are honest and unbiased.

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