Miss Bella Marble Brush Set

January 17, 2019
After going through my current stash of makeup brushes, I decided I needed to get rid of most of them. Some were too old, and some just weren't that great. I also had way more than I needed and wanted to keep it to the essentials.

So after I tossed them all out, only keeping a small handful of newer ones, I got this Marble Brush Set (Php1,000) from Miss Bella to act as my core brush collection.

The set comes with 10 brushes, all housed in this beautiful, magnetic case you can display on your vanity. You can also choose brushes with either white or black handles, or get them in a pouch. The pouch set has the same brushes and is Php50 cheaper.

1. Fan brush (for highlighter or to dust away fallout)
2. Big angled brush (for blush or contour)
3. Big flat brush (for foundation)
4. Large brush (for powder)
5. Medium brush (for blush or powder)

1. Angled eyeshadow brush (for contouring your nose line or eyeshadow)
2. Round eyeshadow brush (for applying concealer or eyeshadow)
3. Smudge brush (to apply eyeshadow under the eyes)
4. Blending brush (for blending your eyeshadow)

The last one is this small, angled brush that can be used for brows or eyeliner. It's dual-headed and has a spoolie on the other end. What I love about this is the brush end is very thin and precise, which is what I need for doing my brows. Most other eyebrow brushes I've had were too thick or too fluffy.

So, I've been using the brushes for over a week now and I love them! The bristles are super soft, and each brush is undeniably high quality. Considering I paid 1k for the entire set, which equates to Php100 per brush, they definitely don't look and feel like they're only a hundred each. Plus, you get a pretty brush holder to boot. Other sets that cost the same, or more, only come with some flimsy brush organizer or nothing at all. I've seen other beauty influencers boast about how much they love their Miss Bella brushes and now I totally get the (well-deserved) hype.

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