Is the hype real?: Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush

August 20, 2018
I'm usually not the type of person who feels the need to buy hyped up products. I'm no hype beast, let's put it that way. But every now and then, something starts trending and it catches my interest.

Luna Organics' Autumn Clay Blush has been all over Instagram and Facebook these past few weeks. I've seen tons of re-sellers cashing in on its popularity and there are already lots of imitations from other brands promoting their own form of 'clay blush'. Long story short, seeing how this looked on other girls instantly made me want it.

Before I go on, I have to mention that this product is possibly a FAKE and not Luna Organics authentic. I only say that because I bought it off Shopee from the seller haugentleness for Php155. I'm only listing the seller so you can avoid making the same mistake. As far as I know, the original costs a bit more and mine has a slightly bad printing job on the packaging as you can see.

I should have gone straight to the source and ordered from Luna Organics' official Instagram page, but at the time they were sold out and I wanted the convenience of paying COD, so I ended up on Shopee instead. There are many fakes on both Shopee and Instagram though, so beware. I unfortunately thought I was buying the real thing when I doubt I was.

Anyway, fake or not, I'm still going to push through with my review!

The blush comes in the form of a deodorant stick. That's the best way to describe it! You pop off the cap, twist the bottom, and the product comes up. So far, no issues on getting it in and out of the container.

It's a pretty pigmented blush, but it doesn't apply smoothly. Even trying to get a decent swatch took a while. I had to swipe it repeatedly on the back of my hand so it would show up evenly. It also leaves tiny 'clumps' behind, like you can see in the picture, if you use it directly from the applicator. The best method is to use your fingers. I just run my finger a few times along the top and apply with it. From there, I can already start blending it out. Using your fingers also helps to warm up the product a bit, making it creamier and thus easier to work with.

So, here's my take on the 'drunk blush' or 'sunburned' aesthetic that everyone's going for. What do you guys think?

When wearing this, I basically keep everything on my face minimal and use the blush as a focal point. With my fingers, I pick up some product and dab along my cheeks and across the bridge of my nose. After, I blend everything out. You can also use a sponge if you prefer, especially if you feel like you applied too much and want to sheer it out a bit. But in the end, I find my fingers work best. The formula is easy to blend out, especially with the warmth of your fingers to help, and its buildable. I'm a big fan of the color because it mimics almost exactly how my skin looks when I'm actually sunburned, haha. The brick red shade with its orange-y undertone makes it appear more natural on skin. As the final step, I spritz with just a setting spray, not powder, so that I'm left with a fresh, dewy finish.

Did you know you can also use this on your lips? If you've seen the ads on social media, they promote it as a lip color too which I'm wearing in the picture. My sister even complimented me on my 'lipstick' the other day. While I love it as a lip color, it is trickier to use. You really have to prep your lips (exfoliate + moisturize) because the product will emphasize any dryness on them. Aside from that, it has poor staying power as a 'lipstick' anyway so my advice is to use it only as a blush.

I, personally, really like the 'sunburned' or 'drunk blush' look on me. It's something I never tried before and now I go out like this almost daily! It's definitely a new take on my usual day makeup.

I'm still not sure if I bought a fake or not, but since I (really) like it and my skin hasn't reacted negatively to the formula, then I'm keeping it. Even if it's tempting to re-purchase from the same seller once I run out, thanks to the ridiculously affordable price, I'll be sure to order from the original source next time around.

Have you tried out this 'viral blush'? Did you buy an authentic one or do you suspect you got a fake too? What did you think of it?

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