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June 26, 2018
Who's your favorite Marvel superhero? I've got my top three which are Deadpool, Spider-Man and Iron Man. They've been my top three since I was high school too. I guess I've always had a thing for sarcastic, smart-ass superheroes!

Speaking of Iron Man, next up on my TFS Marvel collection review spree is their Metal Lip Color featuring none other than Tony Stark himself.

The metal lip color provides a cooling sensation with its metal tip and creates a glistening lip look.  
  • The glittery and glossy texture of this lip product sits closely to your lips to impart a vibrant lip color.
  • This product offers a clean usage by designing the product to dispense a small dose of lip color by rotating the screw.
  • This lip color is infused with Argan oil and offers hydration and a smooth finish.

The tint is housed in this sleek, metallic red tube. Just like my Black Widow Mascara, it has the same textured, hexagonal pattern that most superhero outfits now have in Marvel films.

This comes in only three shades and they're generically labeled as 01, 02, and 03. I have 01 which is a cool-toned red and a color I prefer when it comes to tints, while 02 is an almost magenta pink and 03 is a light, coral-y shade.

Dispensing the product is a little different from your usual lip tint. When you twist the bottom of the tube, the tint itself oozes out of a metal tip. I find 1-2 twists is enough for each 'lip'. Since the tip is smooth with a defined shape, and since it gets...well, lubricated with the tint, spreading it onto your lips is easy. It's a lot more precise than a roller ball applicator but still less precise than a brush or doe foot one. Once done, the tip does end up looking messy so just wipe it clean and pop the cap back on.

From the swatch you can see the tint itself is pretty pigmented. Of course this is a heavy swatch to really show off the color and it sheers out a little once you start to spread it. The tint also has minute glitter particles in it, but since they're so small you'll barely be able to see them on your lips and they actually only add to the nice glossy shine it gives.

I find this perfect for days you want to keep it low-maintenance when it comes to your makeup, or you just want something 'light' (but still long-lasting) to wear. If you have dry lips like mine, this instantly helps give them that healthy, plumped-up look. It doesn't really cling to or highlight dry patches either, so don't be afraid to apply it even if you can't prep with lip balm first. Like a lot of tints, the staying power is pretty good! Some of it will naturally come off as you eat and drink but my lips are still always left with a visible red hue to them. I rarely need to even retouch this on days I'm wearing it.

So I haven't reviewed all the TFS Marvel products I got, but so far and based on overall performance, this tint is my favorite out of all of them. The way it compliments my skin tone and makes my lips look ahem...quite luscious, wins me over along with its staying power. I also love how versatile it is. Even with dry lips I can swipe this on with no problem and can use it for either a casual day out or more formal event. Long-lasting and versatile? Hmm, no wonder it features Iron Man! ;)

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