TCFS Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper

January 24, 2017
No matter how dry or 'normal' our skin is, we still get a little shine from time to time. I normally like a little shine and dewiness on my face since my skin is so dry, but sometimes the shine is a bit too much so I do need to blot away any excess.

The good thing about blotting papers is that most are dead cheap and easy to find, and while I usually and happily settle for them, I decided to give this 'upgraded' version from Too Cool For School a chance - it's their Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper (Php245.00).

These blotting papers are a glamorous way to blot. Packaged in a convenient carry case, these oil blotting papers are made from 100 percent natural papers. The original Mulberry blotting paper is made from 100 percent Korean mulberry paper, a traditional handmade paper known as Hanji. It instantly removes oil and sebum without disturbing makeup.  
With just a gentle press, these blotting papers absorb oil immediately, soften skin, and leave your makeup looking flawless. 

When you open the case, you can immediately see why I call this an 'upgraded' version of your average blotting paper. First of all, it has a mirror so you can see exactly where you're blotting and if there's still any shine left that you missed. Everything is also packed inside a lightweight, plastic case which means there's little to no chance of the papers getting wet, torn, or crumpled. Lastly, a spongey puff is included. This is what you use to pick up the blotting papers from the case.

Each case contains 50 blotting sheets. Not a whole lot, especially since you can get cheap blotting papers with a 100 sheets or more, but it should last you a while if you don't blot as often like I do. If you've got oily skin, this isn't the most practical product to use, especially since the sheets are quite small so you may end up needing to use even more than you usually do.

The sheets themselves are formulated without any parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and they're vegan and cruelty-free.

The puff has a large adhesive strip attached to the bottom which picks up the sheets for you. Since there are 50 sheets, they recommend that after every 10 sheets the adhesive strip should be replaced. No worries because it does come with extra strips and you just peel off each topmost layer once it's no longer sticky to reveal the new one underneath.

True to its claim, this doesn't disturb your makeup when you use it and it effectively absorbs and takes away even the shiniest of spots. It also leaves the skin feeling a little silkier after using. Like I said earlier though, the sheets are quite small so if you have to take away a lot of shine then you'll probably need to use up a bit more than you normally do. In my case, I usually use 1-2 sheets at most. The product also isn't exactly environmentally friendly since you'll just end up throwing both the plastic case and the sponge away after you use up all the sheets. Yes, you can technically re-use it, but that would mean cutting and trimming down replacement sheets to fit the case. You'll also need to find adhesive strips with just the right amount of stickiness to pick them up while also making sure they don't tear when you try to pull them off the puff. It's going to be time-consuming, but hey, if you're dead set on re-using this then go for it!

I'll admit, this product is a little extra and it's definitely something you can live without, but it is effective, fun to use, and makes something as simple as blotting shine feel a little more luxe.

  • Mirror included.
  • The puff prevents you from touching the sheets, both new and used, all the time if you're particular about that.
  • The case prevents any of the sheets from getting crumpled or contaminated inside my bag.
  • Takes away shine while also leaving skin a little silkier afterwards.
  • Extra adhesive trips also included.

  • The sheets are a bit on the small size. I prefer larger ones.
  • Only comes with 50 sheets.
  • Not the most environmentally friendly product as you'll most likely throw both the case and sponge away once it's used up.

NOTE: Too Cool For School has sadly already pulled out of the Philippines and as far as I know they no longer have physical stores or stalls that you can buy from. However, local websites like still carry some of their products. This particular one they don't have, but you can purchase yours from Althea like I did.