Liese Creamy Bubble Color

December 12, 2016
Changing our style of clothing and makeup is easy, right? Some of us do it all the time. But what about our hair color? Now that's where many draw the line. If you aren't a pro doing it yourself, you'll either need a trusted friend to help or shell out some money to have it done professionally at a salon.

I'm one of those girls that is just hopeless with hair. That includes styling and coloring, especially since I have very thick hair so getting an even color with one of those traditional DIY kits is a nightmare. Plus, I usually have to pay double the amount since the thickness means I need two boxes of color, even if my hair isn't that long.

Switching up my hair color has become super easy (and fun) though ever since I tried out Liese Creamy Bubble Color back when I was studying in Japan. Seriously, guys. I've never tried a hair coloring product that was actually a breeze to use! No wonder it's hailed as Japan's no. 1 hair color brand.

Like with most DIY hair kits, Liese also shows you the results you can expect to see depending on what your hair color is currently at before using the product. What I love best about Japanese hair coloring products like Liese is that they make a significant difference already with just one use no matter if you're going darker or lighter. That's because it's specifically made for Asian hair which is naturally dark.

Another aspect that makes Liese stand out is that it contains royal jelly and hydrolyzed salt. The former is to keep hair moisturized and the latter is to protect it. It also boasts a "low smell formula" which is good news for those of you who hate that strong chemical scent.

Here's what comes in every kit. You get: a detailed and easy-to-follow instruction manual, a rinse-off treatment, Solution 2 (Developer), the foaming cap, Solution 1, and a skin allergy test panel that also includes rubber gloves.

Like I said, using this stuff is super duper easy! As per the instructions, all I did was pour Solution 1 into the Solution 2 bottle and gently mixed them both together by turning the bottle upside down and vice versa at least five times. Lastly, I popped on the foaming cap. That's it!

True to its name, when the bottle is squeezed, it produces loads of bubbles in the form of thick, creamy foam. All this is from just one squeeze! According to Liese, their "improved foam sticks to the hair 4X better" (1) which results in better color turnout.

With Liese, they emphasize that if you can shampoo your hair, you can color it with their product. Doesn't it look just like shampoo? The foam doesn't only let you color your hair evenly, but lets you tackle hard to see and reach areas like the back (near the nape) and makes covering your roots quicker than ever.

I like gather my hair at the top, since the foam holds my hair together nicely, while I wait for it to do its magic. Liese recommends waiting 20 minutes, but you can wait an extra 5-10 minutes if needed. I leave it on for 30 minutes tops. Afterwards, I rinse it all off, shampoo, apply the treatment, rinse off again. Done!

Voila! I used the shade Marshmallow Brown this time around. What do you think? Look how evenly colored my hair is. It almost looks salon quality, if I do say so myself. Not only that, it doesn't leave my hair looking and feeling dry or stiff.

Whenever I use Liese, the color usually lasts for around 2-2½ weeks for me. Please take note that I don't expose my hair to the sun for prolonged periods of time. If you want any hair color to last as long as possible, keep it out of the sun. I also shampoo my hair 1-2 times a day. I don't necessarily use shampoos that help preserve color either, so for it to last that long even without it, and for a DIY hair coloring kit, it's quite impressive. Bonus: it doesn't bleed or stain on fabric even after washing my hair for the first time so don't be afraid to use even a white towel to dry your hair.

I wish Liese Philippines will one day bring in more shades because at present only brown or beige variants are available (just six shades in total). I'd love to experiment and try out the shades from their red and ash color lines.

  • Easy to use, even for DIY hair color beginners.
  • The foam formula lets you color your hair quickly and evenly.
  • Affordably priced for an imported brand at Php485.00 a box.
  • The rinse-off treatment is like a luxurious conditioner in a sachet. It makes my hair feel even softer after use and leaves it tangle-free after my shower.
  • Color lasts almost a month for me.
  • The formula doesn't leave hair dry and stiff after.
  • Color doesn't bleed and stain my towels or clothes even after the first shower.
  • I only need one box for my shoulder-length but thick hair.

  • Limited shades available here in the Philippines and all are in the brown or beige spectrum only.

  • Though the brand claims a "low smell formula", I still consider it pretty strong. Not as strong as most other hair color brands, but if you don't like the chemical scent at all, you might want to try a more natural or organic variant of hair color.

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Liese Creamy Bubble Color is available at Landmark Department Stores, PCX Stores, Robinson’s Supermarket and Department Stores, Watsons, and Metro Gaisano Department Stores.

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