Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins

October 03, 2016
When it's that time of the month, all we want is to feel fresh and comfortable, right? I mean, aside from those dreaded cramps and persistent backaches, you're also plagued with constant paranoia that you've stained the back of your jeans or that new dress.

Amidst the pain and general feeling of ugh, the last thing I want to be doing is constantly checking my own backside and/or running to the bathroom, whether at home or out and about, for a quick and necessary change. Plus, that relatable not-so-fresh feeling which lingers is the icing on the unpleasant cake.

Finding the right brand of sanitary pads isn't easy though. You have to take into consideration variety, effectivity, price, and even availability. So when I was sent the entire range of Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and tried them out for myself, I found that it ticked all the right boxes!

The Jeunesse Anion range consists of five different products, so there's something for every woman out there and her unique cycle and lifestyle...

  • Jeunesse Anion Ultra Day Pad (Php80.00/pack) - Stay active and protected without worries even on heavy days.
  • Jeunesse Anion Ultra Night Pad (Php60.00/pack) - Gives you protection for medium days while you sleep.
  • Jeunesse Anion Panty Liner (Php40.00/pack) - Keeps you fresh and protected even during very light days.
  • Jeunesse Anion Ultra Day Non-Wing (Php78.00/pack) - Gives you protection for medium days that are less active.
  • Jeunesse Anion All Night Pad (Php67.50/pack) - Gives you maximum protection for heavy flow red days while you sleep.

Now there's a reason they're referred to as 'anion sanitary napkins'. Inside each pad or napkin is what's referred to as a 'special anion chip'.

Without trying to give you an entire chemistry lesson, simply put an ion is an atom or molecule. If an ion has more electrons than protons, then it becomes negatively charged and becomes an anion. So anions are negative ions. They're the opposite of cations, which are positive ions (positively charged atoms or molecules).

Too many cations or positive ions, or excess exposure to them, can pose health risks such as a weaker immune system, which will lead to even more problems that include fatigue, nausea, headaches, and poor mental performance. Thanks to increasing environmental hazards like pollution, there are a lot more cations now in the environment. Anions, on the other hand, naturally generated by evaporating water, can be found abundantly in beautiful and serene places like beaches, waterfalls, and rainforests. That explains why we feel so good, as well as energized and rejuvenated, when we're in such locations! When negative ions enter our bloodstream, tthey lower our stress levels, reinforce collagen production, boost our energy, help us sleep better, and more!

Now think of all those great negative ions being placed in your sanitary pad. They'll reduce inflammation, eliminate odor, help balance pH and hormone levels, protect against germs, and even fight vaginal irritations and infections.

Remember, there's a 'chip' in every single Jeunesse Anion pad so as long as you're wearing them throughout the day, you'll not only have the benefits of anions with you, but you'll be given maximum protection too. All Jeunesse Anion pads are also super slim, so they're comfortable, breathable, and less bulky than most other pads.

Now of course, I tested out all of the pads for myself! On my heavy days, I'd wear the Ultra Day and then the All Night while sleeping. If my flow is heavier than usual, I'd wear the All Night one throughout the day instead. It's 32cm which is great since I go for pads that are at least 30cm or longer during this time.

Once my period isn't as heavy anymore, I tend to stick to just using the Ultra Day then the Ultra Night for added protection in bed. If I'm going to be home the entire day, I'll sometimes use the Ultra Day Non-Wing since I'm hardly active and am either just sitting or laying down. In between my cycles, I'll use the Panty Liners everyday to help keep me feeling fresh and non-icky down there, especially since it's hot and humid here all the time. They help protect from the occasional discharge a lot of women like myself get too!

So, did the special anion chip help? Yes, it actually did! No, my cramps and other pains didn't miraculously disappear when I used these pads, but they did feel a little less intense than they normally do compared to when I used other pads. But one of the best effects I noticed was the odor control and just how much fresher I felt overall! Since they're slim, like I mentioned, they're also much more comfortable to wear and sometimes it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing a pad. Seriously! Of course, all the pads, especially the All Night, Ultra Night, and All Day ones are super absorbent too. I observed having fewer 'accidents' with them on.

The Jeunesse Anion napkins are admittedly a little more expensive compared to most other napkin brands, but based on their effectivity I'd say they're worth spending a bit more on! After all, isn't your health and comfort, especially on those days, worth that extra amount? I think so!

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins are currently available at Watsons, selected Mercury Drug outlets, SM department store, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Rustans, Waltermart, Landmark department store, PCX stores, selected LCC Malls in Bicol and other stores nationwide. You can also order online at (Philippine-based clients only).

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