Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler

May 27, 2016
When it comes to styling my hair, I like to keep things pretty low key. I either straighten my hair or curl it. That's the extent of my styling, aside from choosing whether to keep it down or settle for some form of an up-do. If it isn't styled, then it's in a no-fuss ponytail.

Choosing hair styling tools can be a bit of a chore though. Since my hair is really thick, I need tools that can heat up to at least 180 degrees or more. Any lower and it won't do much to my hair nor will the curls or straightened locks last long enough, especially in this country's humidity, before my hair reverts back to its natural state. Aside from all that, it shouldn't also damage my already quite dry and frizzy hair.

I'm happy to say that after some years, and many tools (and $$$) later, I've finally found my favorite hair straightener in the form of Irresistible Me's Diamond Hair Styler!

I actually stumbled upon both Irresistible Me and their products while I was browsing YouTube for hair tool reviews. Curiosity piqued, I checked out their website and found myself particularly interested in this so called Diamond Hair Styler they had. Long story short, I got in contact with the company and they generously sent me my very own one to try out!

Style-wise, I prefer straightening to curling just because it takes less time and effort to do, so I've been on the hunt for a hair straightener that ticks all the right boxes for me for a long time now. After quickly scanning the product's info on their website, I had a feeling this would finally be the one!

Upon opening the box, you're greeted with all the features the straightener offers.

Can you already guess which ones I was most excited about? That's right, its claim of giving 'frizz free hair' and having a max temperature of 230 degrees!

The fact that it offers dual voltage and is supposed to be 'eco friendly' (by consuming minimal energy, I suppose?) already impressed me because I do make an effort to be environmentally conscious and like to take my hair tools with me when I travel without worrying about packing adaptors or whether or not any of them will even work with a different country's voltage output.

A unique feature of the Diamond Hair Styler is that all its buttons and controls are actually located on the inside, which means you won't accidentally press anything while you're using it. How cool is that?

The styler has two ways of showing you the heat setting it's at. The middle section lights up at different levels (three in total) depending on how hot you set it, fully green when at max, and the LED digital display at the bottom shows you the temperature. The temperature is displayed as either Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on the voltage being supplied to it. So yes, it's ultra travel-friendly because it means no need for adaptors just to make sure it's being supplied with the right amount!

I actually started using this in Tokyo, which has a lower voltage output than here in Manila, and it performs exactly the same here as it did there without any trouble. In comparison, a hair dryer I bought in Tokyo totally fried when I used it here!

Oh, and it also has a comfy, thumb grip to help you hold onto it easily and more steadily! You'd think more stylers would have this by now, right? The styler isn't too big nor is it bulky so this makes it easy to throw into your luggage or weekend getaway bag.

For added convenience, the styler also has a full 360 degree swivel cord. Gone are the days where I have to constantly adjust the cord so that it doesn't get tangled while I'm styling!

Now let's get to the main feature of this baby: the ceramic plates. Did you know they're coated with crushed diamond particles? If you actually look closely at the plates, they appear to have flecks of glitter on them. Those are the diamonds! Add that to tourmaline, a semi-precious mineral and potent natural source of ionic energy, and it will 'protect your hair and keep all the natural hair oils, color and moisture in, leaving your hair healthy, shiny and frizz free.' Irresistible Me also adds that 'the styling will last longer against air humidity and everyday stress'. Music to my ears!

Other features of the Diamond Hair Styler's plates:
  1. Dynamic Alignment System - An advanced design feature that self adjusts the plate pair to provide perfect contact between your hair and plates, eliminating any damaging pressure points so that your iron can work through the hair smoothly without pulling.
  2. Turbo heat boosting - Each time you pass your hair through the plates, the temperature goes down by ~40°F. This technology reduces the time needed to return to the optimal temperature to almost zero. Maintaining constant temperature throughout the styling session is a crucial aspect of a styling iron’s performance.
  3. Tourmaline technology - The crushed tourmaline embedded in our T-ion products exudes mass quantities of negative ions that seal the cuticle. Tourmaline generators up to 6 times more negative ions upon heating than traditional ceramic irons.

For different hair types, Irresistible Me also suggests the following heat settings:
  • Fine or damaged hair: 250-300°F
  • Medium or normal hair: 300-350°F
  • Thick or coarse hair: 400-450°F

Again, since my hair is really thick and a little frizzy, I use the maximum heat setting which is 400-450°F or around 230°C. Despite such a high heat setting, the Diamond Hair Styler hasn't damaged my hair in the slightest, whether or not I use a heat protectant beforehand.

By the way, straightening isn't the only thing you can do with this. You can also curl your hair and create other styles! There's a nifty style guide within the product's manual so all you'll have to do is follow the instructions. Since I like my hair straight most of the time, I just use this for straightening.

Here's me after straightening my hair with the Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler. For the sake of influencing the product's performance, I didn't use any heat protectant creams or sprays for this picture. Okay. So not only is my hair straight without looking lifeless, it's also super sleek and shiny! You can see it for yourself. Normally my hair is a little on the dull side as well, but the styler really does help promote shine! If you want to see a comparison of how my natural hair looks like, and how frizzy and wavy it is, check out this older post and see the difference!

My hair also retains its full body despite how straight it manages to become and it doesn't just hang limply off my head. In the end, it appears as if I have naturally straight hair instead of looking like someone who obviously and 'artificially' straightened her hair. That's my ultimate goal, of course! Regardless of the heat and humidity, my hair is able to retain the straightness for 2-3 days too. Of course some frizz starts to appear by the second or third day, but it's nothing a little Argan oil and boar bristle brush can't solve in a few minutes!

Using other stylers, it would take me a minimum of 1 hour to completely straighten my hair. With the Diamond Hair Styler, I spend at most 30-45 minutes only which is a significant cut! It really is the result of the high heat and the unique and effective plates. It means I don't have to go over the same section of hair again and again until it's straight enough to my liking. With this one, all I need is 2-3 slow passes with the styler and I can move onto the next section already! Now that my hair is shorter, having chopped off more than 5 inches a few weeks ago, it's even quicker and easier to use the styler. I guess my only 'gripe' with the product is that it says it has "cool tips", meaning you can hold onto the ends while styling. The tips are not 'cool' in any way, in fact they're in between warm and hot so you can definitely hold onto them, but only for a bit before it gets too hot. I still suggest wearing a glove on the hand you'll use to do that, just in case!

Overall, I am beyond pleased with the Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler. It is, without a doubt, the best hair tool I've used to date to straighten my hair and any other straightener will have to be doubly amazing for me to even consider replacing this one. While it is a little pricey, it's worth every dollar to me!

  1. Dual-voltage capability. No need for adaptors to make sure you're using the correct voltage if you're in another country!
  2. 360 swivel cord and indented thumb grip to prevent tangles and accidents.
  3. Buttons are on the inside of the style so you don't accidentally press them while in use.
  4. LED screen displays temperature in either degrees or fahrenheit.
  5. Styler's tips don't get super hot so you can hold onto them briefly when styling.
  6. Able to reach a max. temperature of 230 degrees/450 fahrenheit making it easier and faster to tame my thick, wavy hair and the style lasts longer.
  7. Crushed diamond particles and tourmaline, a potent source of ionic energy, in the plates.
  8. Doesn't damage my hair, even if I accidentally forget to use a heat protectant.
  9. Helps promote shine in my hair and minimizes or removes frizz.
  10. Can be used to curl hair and create other styles too.
  11. Sleek design, travel-friendly size, and comes in a cute, red shade.

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