Where to shop for beauty products in Tokyo

February 24, 2016
Like my parents before me, I've loved almost anything and everything to do with Japan for years; from its long, colorful history to its current, trend-setting pop culture scene. Learning the language was a dream of mine since I was a young teen and I made that dream a reality by coming to Tokyo and settling here for almost the past year to do just that.

Of course, as a beauty blogger and overall 'beauty enthusiast', the fires of my passion for beauty are fanned almost daily by living here as Japan is the home of some of the most sought after and innovative makeup and skin care products. Japanese women take their cosmetics and skin care seriously, as do I, and you quickly realize not only why Japanese women are some of the most revered when it comes to their skin as well as makeup techniques, but why many the world over look towards Japan when it comes to all things beauty. Since coming to Japan, I've gained an abundance of beauty knowledge that included how to greatly improve my skin care regime, the most popular makeup techniques, as well as the best places in Tokyo to shop for ultimate beauty buys!

1. Ainz&Tulpe

If you’re a certified beauty addict in general, you can’t leave Tokyo without dropping by an Ainz&Tulpe branch. Carrying both local brands, such as Canmake, Dolly Wink, and K-Palette, as well as foreign ones with the likes of Maybelline and L’Oreal, Ainz&Tulpe knows how to cater to practically everyone of the beauty-loving sort.

With its bright, neatly organized interior and friendly and knowledgeable staff, shopping at any branch is as easy as it is fun. Skin care junkies like myself can also happily lose themselves among the dozens of shelves of sheet masks, toners, and cleansing oils just to name a few, as every Ainz&Tulpe branch has its own section largely dedicated to skin care products which are as varied as their cosmetics. Though they currently only have 4 branches within Tokyo, the newest located in Shinjuku, they’re located in highly convenient and popularly visited areas such as Harajuku and Shibuya so no Ainz&Tulpe trip will ever ‘be out of your way’.

Okay, so this is just an excerpt of my full article. If you want to know more great places for beauty shopping in Tokyo, click here to to read the rest of it over at Project Vanity where I'm an official guest (beauty) blogger!

Have you been to Tokyo? Do you also love Japanese beauty products? Tell me your favorite ones!