My Favorite Oscar 2016 Looks

February 29, 2016
Just yesterday, the Academy Awards, Hollywood's biggest and most star-studded event, was held and the internet went proper crazy over Leonardo DiCaprio's much deserved Oscar win! His acceptance speech was truly inspiring and his message about preserving and caring for the environment is one that I believe every person needs to hear and do some serious thinking about.

Now if there's one thing about me it's that I'm a sucker for watching big entertainment events like the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and so on. I get giddy about and love seeing the different outfits and makeup looks on the equally diverse performers and entertainers. As an aspiring MUA, I hope that one day I can help a celebrity (or two...) get red carpet ready! For now, I'll happily settle on pure admiration as I watch said events and gaze upon photo after photo through my laptop screen.

The Oscars really bring out some of the best in makeup looks, I think, and this year was without exception yet again so choosing my favorites was both a difficult and entirely enjoyable experience...

Selena Gomez. There's something about a dark, dramatic eye look paired with a nude lip that I love and Selena rocked just that at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. I guess it's the contrast and balance of the look which appeals to me most, plus I'm always a fan of dramatic eyes and pale lips. The rest of her look was kept low key and simple. Her neatly groomed brows were just lightly filled in and defined and there is only a hint of blush peeking through her flawless complexion. A smart move by her MUA, especially since she was also donning a fantastic, shimmery Louis Vuitton dress. To add anything else to this look could easily bring it over the top and there would be too many elements on her competing for attention.

Margot Robbie. What did I love most about Margot's look? Simply the fact that she doesn't even look like she had much makeup on in the first place! Seriously. Does it not seem like she just slapped on some tinted moisturizer, lip gloss, and mascara and yet still appears ultra glamorous at Hollywood's most celebrated event? Don't get me wrong, Margot Robbie is a naturally, drop-dead gorgeous gal and really, any MUA would agree that not much has to be done to get her ready for any function. From what I've read, Margot also takes her skin care seriously and it really does show. After all, the better your skin then the less makeup you'll need. While a fair amount of actresses get primped and primed for the Oscars, Margot only needs to be polished.

Olivia Munn. I can't say much about Olivia Munn as a performer, but I am a fan of the choice she made for this year's Oscars by matching her lipstick to her clean cut, bright orange Stella McCartney gown. Like many of the other ladies that walked the red carpet, she kept everything else about her look simple. Her softly shaped brows were brushed up, her eyes defined just enough, and her cheeks kept lightly rosy. In truth, she looked glowing! It was a perfect example of less is more and she went with one of the best fail-proof makeup 'rules': choose one feature to focus on and keep everything else minimal.

Rooney Mara. Rooney Mara has just one of those faces you can do so much with. Her features, aside from her killer cheek bones, are naturally so soft and delicate that as a MUA, you can either play that up by keeping her makeup just as light and soft, or take it to the other end of the spectrum entirely which is what they did for her Oscar look this year. She sported va-va-voom lashes that accompanied a perfect smokey eye, deep ruby lips, and bold brows. On many women, particularly those with sharper or more distinct features, this would appear...a tad much overall, but since Rooney Mara's face is a beautiful, blank canvas then it just works. I'm glad they never faked or forced an arch on her brows too because her straight ones keep her looking youthful no matter what look she decides to go with.

Lady Gaga. One thing about Lady Gaga is that when she commits to a look, she really commits. If she decides to go eccentric, then she'll pull on a bubble dress and slip into some 7-inch platforms. While I love her quirky, way out there outfits and unique beauty choices, it's when she does Hollywood glam that I am left in awe. Her chic, all-white ensemble and sparkly, peachy-pink eye makeup and pink lip complimented each other in a timeless sort of way. It all blended together so effortlessly. As her MUA, Sarah Tanno, said "I love warm colors with all-white; it really makes the face stand out in a striking way." I couldn't agree more!

Saoirse Ronan. Saoirse is starting to pick up a bit of a habit...of looking stunning at red carpet events! Monochromatic looks were in for this year's Oscars and Saoirse, along with Olivia Munn and other actresses like Emily Blunt and Brie Larson, were a part of that trend. To go with her emerald-hued Calvin Klein gown, Saoirse's MUA went with a green and silver smokey eye and nude lip which, along with her au naturale brows, played a big part in keeping her still looking youthful and fresh.

There were of course a number of other gorgeous actresses I wish I could write about as most of them had such beautiful looks this year, but that would make this post entirely too long. Even picking out this finalized list was already a struggle, but I definitely loved writing about my favorite ones!

Did you watch the Oscars this year? Whose look/s did you like best? Let me know in the comments!