3 Valentine's Day Date Looks with Glam21

February 11, 2016
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I'm sure some of you have got it all planned out for you and that special person in your life. Of course, Valentine's doesn't only mean chocolates and flowers, but romantic dates as well. Aside from choosing what to wear, you've also got to make sure your makeup is as on point as your outfit, right?

Well, I'm happy to say that I've teamed up with About Face PH (formerly known as Purple Tags), to create 3 different, but easy to replicate, Valentine's Day date looks using some of their products from the Korean brand Glam21!

Let's start with the first look by showing you the products I used...

For my lips, I used the Music Awards Lip Crayon in the shade "R&B" (Php749.00) which is a lovely, peachy-pink nude that'll mostly compliment fairer skin tones. It's got a creamy texture and is also quite pigmented, so you only need a few swipes or so to get its full color. Since this is a light shade, be sure to prep you lips well beforehand because light colored shades have a tendency to highlight lines and dryness.

For my eyes, I used this beautiful, shimmery Cocktails Eye Crayon in the shade "June Bug" (Php849.00) all over my lids. I love how easily this applies into my lids since it's almost as creamy as the lipstick, and how precise I can get with it since it's in crayon form.

I then defined my eyes using a darker but also shimmery product, the Sniper Gel Eye Liner in "Shot Cappuccino" (Php749.00). Thanks to my eyelids having a lot of creases, I almost exclusively use liquid liner to line my eyes since it's much easier to work with. However, this gel liner is so buttery soft that it glides onto my lids with no trouble! I'm impressed!

Lastly, I filled in and defined my brows with the Skinny Eyebrow Pencil in the shade "Lingering Mocha" (Php949.00). I normally go for a slightly darker shade than this, but since I've recently lightened my hair, then I knew this would currently work for me! When they said this pencil was 'skinny', they meant it! It's really thin, but that allows me to be extra precise when filling in my brows which is a must. It's also waterproof!


For this first look, I wanted something more natural looking overall so I stuck to primarily nude colors for my eyes. The shimmery shades really help to brighten up my naturally dark eye area, and the gel liner helps me create a subtle, but still very much there cat eye. Like I predicted too, the brow pencil matches my new hair color perfectly! Also, the lip crayon, without a doubt, is a MLBB type of shade that I can see myself wearing very frequently.

If you like to keep your makeup more on the simple and subtle side, this is the best look to try out yourself.

With the next look, I decided to amp it up a little bit and changed my lip color to the Music Awards Lip Crayon in "Punk Rock" (Php749.00). It's a bold, vibrant red that unlike the first color, will suit a wider range of, if not most, skin tones! However, very much like the first lipstick, it also has a soft, creamy texture and feels more like a lip butter when applied but with the pigment of a lipstick.


This time, I also wanted to define my eyes even more and filled in my top waterline with the Sniper Gel Eyeliner in "Shot Black Swan" (Php749.00). I love just how black this liner is, which is what I look for when it comes to pencil or gel liners that I use on my waterline because I like the way it makes my lash line look darker and fuller. It also just completes almost any overall eye look.

Since I wanted eyes that were as bold as my new lip color, I had to reach for the Sharp Edge Eye Liner liquid liner. Pen-type liquid liners are my favorite to use and this one from Glam21 has a very precise point which I love. You can create thicker or finer lines with no trouble with this, plus the pigmentation gets a thumbs up from me!


I went for a more 'classic' theme with this second look, pairing a vibrant red lip with winged out, black liner. My favorite kind of makeup styles are from the 40s and 50s, where it was all about neatly shaped and strong brows, fiery lips, and blacker than black eyeliner. You can see what mostly inspired me!

This was a quick and easy change from the previous look. I kept my brows the same, swapped my lipstick, and switched the previous gel liner for the black one. If you're going on a particularly fancy date, you can't go wrong with an iconic look like this, but of course the beauty of something so classic is that you can rock this look anywhere, anytime.

For the last look, I got out the Sharp Edge Eye Liner once again and simply did another did another lipstick swap. This time using the Music Awards Lip Crayon in "Heavy Metal" (Php749.00). This one is a darker, almost berry shade but still falls into the red family of lipsticks.


The final look! This is perhaps my favorite look because I'm all about the bigger, more dramatic eyeliner and dark lips. Again, I kept the brows the same and only needed to change my lipstick once more, as well as build upon the previous liner I had on by just making it thicker and longer. I like to call this the "third date look" because by the third date, I'm sure you're closer with the person you're dating and you can go all out with your makeup by then, haha.

Other products used (for all 3 looks):
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
  • MAC Prep + Prime Eye
  • Proud Mary Touch & Beauty BB Cream No. 23 (Php1,199.00)
  • Maybelline White Superfresh powder in '03 Natural'
  • MAC Satin Blush in 'Peony Petal'
  • Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara

That's it! I hope you enjoyed these looks and have as much fun recreating them, or being inspired by them, not just for Valentine's but for any occasion you see fit to wear them. If you plan to try out these looks for yourself, I highly recommend using the Glam21 products not only to achieve the exact look, but because I was really pleased with how they all performed! I loved everything from the product's textures to their pigmentation. This was my first time using Glam21 and I was really impressed with them!

Which look did you like best? Are you interested in trying out any of these Glam21 products? Which one? Let me know in the comments!

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