Rosy Peel*

May 20, 2015
Skin care works in two parts. The first involves products you apply topically, so serums, creams, lotions, sunscreen, etc. that generally work and remain on the surface or upper layers of the skin. The other part is lifestyle. What you eat and drink on a daily basis, your general stress levels, how many hours of sleep you get on average, whether you smoke or not, and so on.

I don't have the most admirable of lifestyles, thanks to my generally poor diet and being a late sleeper, so I'm aware that even the most highly-acclaimed skin care products won't have the desired effects on me as long as I keep my bad habits up. So as I'm working on getting healthier, and continuing to try different skin care products to find which work best for me, I decided I needed a little 'boost' to help me with the entire process. I've read a number of positive reviews from fellow bloggers about a herbal supplement that's not only supposed to improve your skin's overall health, but help it look better too. The supplement itself is called Rosy Peel, and you can imagine my excitement when I was given a whole box of it to try out!

Product description: Rosy Peel 500 mg Capsule is made from dormant saps of young, green strawberry, bignay, kamias and guava fruits. Through short fermentation mode, the essential nutrients and phytochemicals contained in the unique combination of these fruit saps were made to work in synergy, unleashing its great potential in keeping the skin healthy and in enhancing the skin’s capability for reformation. Rosy Peel 500 mg was encapsulated for ease and convenience of intake, for a healthier and rosier you!

Rosy Peel is a rich source of Vitamin C (also known as Ascorbic Acid), and it's found in all four of the fruits that make up the ingredients of this supplement. This vitamin helps in collagen formation and controls or minimizes pockmarks that result from pimple manipulation. I believe it's supposed to help prevent or minimize the appearance of those dark, post-acne marks too. Vitamin C, if combined with Vitamin E which is present in the guava, is also effective in giving UV protection from within. The other benefits of Vitamin C are that it aids in slowing down skin aging and prevents skin dryness.

Rosy Peel works to only improve skin health, but your body's health as well. Here's a quick breakdown of what else Rosy Peel can do...


  • Aside from preventing the appearance of 'craters' or dark spots that are a result of acne, as well as slowing down the natural process of skin aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial elements present protect you from pimple-causing bacteria.
  • The natural anti-oxidants in Rosy Peel fight harmful free radicals, and the Vitamin C present also boosts the immune system. Additionally, Rosy Peels stimulates natural weight loss and burns fat in the process, and even regulates bowel movement so that you can consistently and literally flush away built-up toxins in the body.

I have to say, I love how the pills are pink! Both Genzel from Genzel Kisses and I adore the color choice. Who knew supplements could actually be cute?

As per the instructions printed on the box, a dosage of 1 capsule a day after a meal of your choice is recommended, but you can also take 2 a day if you want to see any results faster. I stick to taking just one capsule a day, usually after eating breakfast. Since the box comes with 100 capsules, it can last you about three months if you take the same dosage I do. That's an impressively long time, so talk about getting some bang for your buck! Plus, even if you temporarily stop taking it for whatever reason, the expiration date is clearly printed on the box as well and you can keep it for two whole years.

I've been taking Rosy Peel for nearly two months now and here are the effects I've noticed so far...
  1. My skin has become less dull and sallow looking. I used to depend on products like blush, bronzers, and highlighters to make my skin look more 'alive' and healthy, but since I started taking Rosy Peel I don't need to. In fact, I feel a lot more confident nowadays walking out of the house without makeup at all!
  2. My breakouts are more minimal in appearance and occur less often. Of course I still get a huge zit (or zits) on occasion, especially whenever I'm about to get my period, but certainly not as much as I used to.
  3. When I would get those ginormous zits, 99% of the time they would leave behind dark spots that take weeks or even months to disappear. Now the marks they leave behind are very faint. Sometimes there aren't even any at all!
  4. TMI but I'm not very 'regular' when it comes to the bowel movement department, but Rosy Peel has helped me there too.

All in all, I'm really happy with the results Rosy Peel has given so far. Quite frankly it's made more of a positive difference to my skin than a whole bunch of skin care products I've tried in the past. They really delivered with some of their biggest claims and I hope I can see even more results the longer I take this!

  • All the effects I stated above!
  • The company gave me a lot of information regarding the ingredients so I knew full well what I was taking.
  • One box can last you 2-3 months, depending on your dosage.
  • I didn't experience any side effects while taking this.
  • It's available at all Mercury Drug and South Star establishments in the Philippines, even online at! You can order a box of 30 capsules or 100 capsules.

  • It's safe to use for ages 12 years and above.
  • Remember that it's still best to consult with a physician before taking a product like Rosy Peel, and mention to them that you'll be taking it as well, especially if you have any existing and serious health conditions.

For more information about Rosy Peel, please visit and follow them on these sites:

Price: P22.00 / capsule (available at Mercury Drug nationwide)