Review: Human Nature Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick in "Pink Smoothie"

March 10, 2015
I'm still quite a newbie when it comes to all-natural or organic beauty products. But recently I have become more open-minded and willing to try them out, especially when it comes to cosmetics!

With the amount of makeup we gals tend to pile on everyday, it's good to know there's alternatives out there that are good, if not better, for our skin. Alternatives that don't contain any toxic or harmful chemicals, basically. Cue my happiness (and intrigue) when one of my best friends gifted me this Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick from Human Nature for my birthday last year. It's my first all-natural lippie!

Product description: Vivid color. Luscious moisture. One rich lipstick.

Time to let your natural beauty dazzle with this luxurious fusion of cocoa butter, sunflower seed oil, passion fruit seed oil, and natural vitamin E that melts onto your lips for an exquisite, creamy glide.

As someone perpetually cursed with dry lips, just reading the description of this product was enough to excite me. Cocoa butter? Oils? Vitamin E? Yes, please! Despite my love for a beautiful, matte finish, I can also never get enough of super creamy, moisture-packed lipsticks!

The Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick line has six shades in total. It's quite limited, but at least there are two shades in it that I already like. Of course the one I have is "Pink Smoothie", which has a shiny or glossy finish. The other shade I've been eyeing is "Passion Candy". It has a satin finish instead and is more of rose mauve in color.

The remaining shades come in red, nude, coral, and brown hues and each also have either a glossy or satin finish. So despite the limited choices, I think there's still something for everyone!


I'm really liking the slim, all black tube that the Mineral ColorCreme lipsticks come in. I think the minimalistic design, including the one on the box, makes it look both quite chic and pricier than it actually is too. Sometimes less is more after all!

Swatches: Natural light, artificial light, with flash

True to Human Nature's claim, the lipstick really does glide on when applying. The product is just so buttery and creamy! It's also quite pigmented which is always a plus in my book. The more pigment, the better. The swatches above were a result of two swipes of the lipstick.

So before I talk more about the performance of the product, just how all-natural are these Mineral ColorCreme lipsticks? Here's what Human Nature has to say...
100% No harmful chemicals: No carmine, no paragons, silicones, FD&C lake dyes, glycols, mineral oil or other toxic substances. 

Some lipsticks contain an array of toxic chemicals such as mineral oil which speeds up aging on skin and lips, and carmine from crushed insects. Human Nature is 100% natural and animal-cruelty free so you get only goodness.
This is where my first and probably only problem with the product lies as I'm fully aware mineral oil is actually perfectly safe to use! Thanks to Liz from Project Vanity's review of one of the other Mineral ColorCreme lipsticks (link), I'm glad someone also noticed that HN does employ a scare tactic to discourage you from using 'ordinary lipsticks' and instead encourage you to go for lipsticks like theirs. From a business point of view, I get it. From a more ethical point of view however, I think HN should plan a different marketing strategy that doesn't involve provoking fear.

Anyway, let's move onto how the product looks when worn...


Voila! I gotta say, the shade of the lipstick was love at first swatch to me. I think it suits my skin tone quite well and it's a color that's perfect to wear daily. In fact, I sometimes find myself wearing this lippie for almost a week straight! It compliments my usually bolder looking eye makeup nicely too. Wear time is the only real disappointment for me. It'll hold on a few hours at most before you'll need to retouch completely. Don't expect it to last even after some drinking and light eating either. I attribute this to the fact that the formula is just so smooth and buttery that it practically slides right off your lips and onto your straw, cup, food item of choice, etc. That and the fact that it's still a slightly sheer lipstick after all.

Speaking of the formula's smoothness, my lips and I give it a thumbs up! I know this is the umpteenth time I've mentioned these two words, but its creamy and buttery nature really helps to moisturize my lips as well as keep them moisturized for the duration that I'm wearing the lipstick. All that also makes retouching much easier and this fades evenly to boot so no patchy messes on your lips. Nonetheless I still do try to make sure I properly hydrate my lips with some balm beforehand, and exfoliate if need be, since the color can cling onto dry patches and highlight flakes if your lips are extremely dry.

Overall I'm very happy and impressed with this lipstick and I have to say that it can easily rival Happy Skin's own lipstick line in terms of their ability to moisturize. If you read my review on the Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me lipstick, you'll know how head over heels I was with its formula. This product being on the more affordable side of the spectrum at under PHP400.00 or $9.00 is just scoring more bonus points for me, especially considering the great quality of it. Without a doubt this won't be the first and last Mineral ColorCreme Lipstick in my collection!

  • The moisturizing and creamy formula.
  • It glides on smoothly and easily.
  • The packaging.
  • Made from all-natural ingredients.
  • Quite affordable.

  • Wear time is poor.

Price: PHP325.00
Purchased from: Free (gift)

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