Meeting the newest curl in town

March 23, 2015
As human beings we naturally respond to different shapes. Did you know that we react positively to or are most attracted to curves or shapes with curves? When brands design logos they have to take such a thing into account. An article called "The psychology of logo shapes: a designer's guide" from states that "Circles, ovals and ellipses tend to project a positive emotional message...Curves on any sort tend to be viewed as feminine in nature." Well that got me thinking maybe that's why we ladies love seeing curves or sloping shapes even when we do our makeup. We contour, we draw in or emphasize cupid bows and full, curvy lip shapes, soft brow arches are seen as the ideal, and of course, we curl our lashes.

Beautifully curved and luscious lashes can perk up any girl's mood, as well as her eyes. Benefit Cosmetics knows this all too well and came up with their new and much raved about Roller Lash mascara. Of course there had to be a Bene-licious bash to launch it and I was all too excited to attend...

The event was held last month at the Skye Lounge in BGC. So yes, this post is long overdue already! The theme this time was the swinging 60s; an era of fun, girly, and flirty glamour.

I always love being greeted by Benefit's mascot who nicely informed us of the event's hashtag too when we arrived.

Benefit loves encouraging us gals to play with their products so they always have a variety of them laid out, including their already well-loved They're Real! mascara. I couldn't resist touching up with their Hello Flawless powder too - one of my absolute favorites!


Trying out the new mascara itself was a must as well. I love these cute mirrors they set up around the venue! If you arrived with mascara already on, the They're Real! eye makeup remover was easily on hand.

Spotted: fellow beauty blogger and makeup artist Julia Arenas from Bless My Bag trying out Roller Lash for herself.

Fun fact: it took some trial and error before Benefit perfected the brush for their new mascara. They went through three kinds before perfecting their patented Hook 'N' Roll brush which catches (or hooks), lifts, and curls even the shortest and straightest of lashes.

No word of a lie, but Benefit's events are some of the most fun to attend. This time they made it extra fun with carnival games for us to play and get the chance to win prizes! The first one I tried was Hook And Roll. All you had to do was hook a duck with a fishing pole and you win!

No Benefit event is complete without a few Bene-hunks on stand by. I was a little disappointed he wasn't my prize, but I did get to take home a They're Real! mascara and eyeliner set. Woohoo!

In true carnival fashion we could even get our fortunes read. This was one of the more popular activities and you can bet I impatiently waited in line for my turn. What a relief that all of my questions (revolving around career, the future, and my love life) had positive answers!

Another game we could play was Rolo's Turf aka mini golf. This other Bene-hunk was there to help us out and give us tips.

One of my good friends and also a fellow beauty blogger Nikki Tiu from Ask Me Whats gave it a go and got a hole-in-one. Good job, Nikki!

Look at these modern and stylish dog cages from Bow House for the furry guests at the event! Now you don't have to feel bad for your dog when you need to safely keep them in place because they'll be super comfy the whole while. You can find out more about Bow House from their Facebook and Instagram.

The tempting prize table. Get lucky at any of the carnival games and you could win Benefit calendars, pouches or bags, and even makeup products!

Special mention to this particular Bene-hunk who charmed the pants off nearly every girl at the event, haha. He even gave me a kiss on the forehead after I took his picture. Cheeky!

Before the official program started, we were treated to a cute dance number by these ladies to the tune of "The New Girl In Town" from Hairspray. See the inspiration for the theme now?

Benefit Philippine's newly appointed brand manager Donna Shaw and beauty expert Miakka Lim chatted with host Sam Oh about the new product.

"Benefit is obsessed with mascara. However, despite our best selling They’re Real and Bad Gal mascaras, we realized that many women still experience this dilemma: They don’t know how to curl their eyelashes, and many times they even end up painfully pinching their eyes", said Donna. The result to this problem was Roller Lash, a mascara that curls and lifts lashes without the need for an eyelash curler!

Seeing is still believing though, so Miakka gladly performed a demo for us using Roller Lash. Even without using a curler, the model's lashes were instantly lifted and curled, and looked longer and fuller. Safe to say it got a well-deserved round of applause from us all! Miakka added that the mascara's formula promises to hold a curl for 12 hours, contains Provitamin B5 and Serine to help condition lashes, and is easy to remove despite being long-lasting.

So what are your thoughts on Benefit's newest curl in town? Have you tried it yet? I'd love to hear about your own experiences with this Bene-ficial mascara!

Roller Lash is already available at all Benefit Cosmetics boutiques for PHP1,300.00.

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