The Face Shop Aqua Drop Pack

October 09, 2014
One of the worst things about having dry skin is how much more aggravated it becomes once I start applying makeup. My skin likes to play tricks on me by appearing to be hydrated and supple, then once I start smearing on BB cream or foundation – dreaded flakes and dry patches appear! A lot of the time it means I have to start both my makeup and skin care regime all over again and you can imagine how frustrating that gets.

So when I know my skin needs a hydration boost, I like to drink a lot of water just before going to bed and first thing in the morning when I wake up. It actually helps! That, and I reach for a hydrating or moisturizing overnight mask to wear while I sleep. This usually guarantees me skin that’s at least less dry than usual when I awake. The latest one I purchased is The Face Shop’s Aqua Drop Pack (Php600.00+)


Product info:
An oil-free type of sleeping mask that gives instant moisture to skin which features:
  • Aqua Drop Massage
    • Moisture shine + improves blood circulation
  • Moisture Ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid / Mannitol)
    • Provides moisture and anti-oxidant effects
  • Lavender
    • Calms nerves and induces sleep
With as much as 3,300mg of hyaluronic acid, this moisture-enriched sleeping mask intensely hydrates and restores vitality to skin while you slumber, leading to a more radiant and brighter complexion when you wake up. Rapidly penetrating formula easily sinks through skin’s layers, hydrating on contact without a sticky or heavy feel for a comfortable sleep. Best for normal to dry skin types. 5 Free Formula: No parabens, no mineral oil, no alcohol, no organic dye and no raw animal materials.

The mask, all 110ml of it, is housed inside a blue, soft squeeze tube. I think the holographic finish is really pretty and eye-catching. I still prefer the old packaging overall though, which looks like this. I just think the old one is cuter. But the downside is that it was only available in 70ml tubes. At least the repackaging meant we get more product!

Dispensing the product is really easy, and so far it hasn’t leaked out of the tube even when I bring this along with me during any traveling stints or overnight trips. Just be careful once you’ve used up about half of the product already because you’ll be forced to squeeze the tube harder and it’s no longer as easy to control how much you dispense out. Sometimes I squeeze out a bit too much, but that’s okay since I tend to use a lot when applying this on my face anyway.

tm_aquadroppack_03 tm_aquadroppack_04

The mask has a light, gel-like consistency. It’s almost watery, but not quite so it’s not runny at all. This makes it very easy to spread out in an even layer on the skin. Scent-wise it smells citrus-y but also a little medicinal at the same time, but it’s faint and the scent fades somewhat once it starts to absorb into the skin. Like I mentioned, because of my dry skin, I apply a lot of this whenever I use it. Despite applying what I consider a thick, even layer, I find some of it still gets absorbed into the skin no matter how much I put. The rest sits on the surface so you’re left with a thin, glossy mask of gel on your face. Personally, I like that it does this because I know it’s moisturizing not just the surface of my skin when it absorbs, perhaps thanks to its ‘rapidly penetrating formula’, and the remainder that is on the surface helps keep moisture locked in while I sleep. True to what The Face Shop claims, it also doesn’t feel sticky and heavy on me despite the thick layers I apply. I can’t really comment on whether or not it ‘induces sleep’ because I am essentially a vampire and sleep very late so by the time I do go to the bed, I’m exhausted enough that I pass out right away. But it does feel refreshing and cooling on my face so I you could say it does have a sort of calming effect.

So does it work? Short answer: Yes. It doesn’t miraculously solve my dry skin problems, especially since I still need to make sure I double moisturize after I wash my face like I usually do when carrying out my skin care routine, but I have noticed that my skin is significantly less drier in the mornings when I use this the night before. There are times I wake up with dry flakes already on certain areas of my face, like on or around my nose, but this definitely helps keep those at bay.

I haven’t tried a whole lot of sleeping or overnight masks yet. In fact, this is only the second one I’ve ever purchased, but I’m glad I decided to try it out. It was pretty effective. Plain and simple. The only downside for me is that, either perhaps due to how dry my skin is or the formula itself, the effects of the product aren’t long-term. I’d still prefer a mask, or at least a similar product, that will eventually improve my skin’s condition with regular use. In other words something that will keep it hydrated, and not just when I wake up only to find my skin is back to ‘normal’ the next day. That’s why I’m keen to try out the ‘Laneige Water Sleeping Pack’ next because I’ve heard that it actually helps improve skin dryness over time.

Nonetheless, I still recommend this product to those of you with normal, combination, or dry skin for that extra dose of moisture while you sleep. If you have very dry skin, like me, you can definitely still try this out but you may eventually need to seek a product that offers both more hydration as well as long-term results. If you have an oily complexion then don’t be afraid to try this out too because oily skin still needs just as much hydrating, and you’ll be washing it off when you wake up anyway. If you’re new to sleeping packs or masks, I also recommend this as it’s not too expensive compared to a lot of other imported masks on the market so it would be a good product to start off with.

  • Packaging.
  • Very easy to spread and apply onto the face.
  • Gives my skin added hydration and locks in any moisture.
  • Prevents dry flakes and patches from forming while I sleep.
  • Feels refreshing on the face when applied.
  • The formula is not sticky or heavy.
  • Doesn’t really brighten my complexion.
  • Effects are only short-term, doesn’t improve my skin’s (dry) condition.
  • The scent. I’m not a big fan of citrus scents, but at least it’s faint.