TURU QUEEN’S Skin Clear Face Pack

April 12, 2014
When it comes to face masks, everyone has their preferred types. Some like face masks that help to whiten or brighten skin while others like the kinds which help prevent acne. It’s a little mind boggling how many different variants there are out there! I, personally, like two types of masks: the ones that hydrate and the ones that promise some level of deep cleaning. Since I have dry, acne-prone skin, then I’m sure you can figure out why I like those most.

Many people prefer sheet masks, but I like the ones you can squeeze or scoop out and spread onto your face. I feel masks like this are somehow more ‘effective’ because they properly adhere to your skin where they can do their job compared to sheet masks where you often have to struggle to get every inch of it to properly stick to the different contours of your face, especially if it’s too big for you. Between hydrating and deep cleansing masks, I tend to purchase the latter the most. I have many products already anyway that help me deal with giving my skin much needed hydration. One of the newer cleansing masks I have now is the TURU QUEEN’S Skin Clear Face Pack (¥1,260.00)


Product description: TURU Queen’s Skin Clear Face Pack is a easy once-a-week care. It helps remove the cause of blackheads, vellus hair and dullness all at once!

Peel and clear away dead skin, vellus hair and blackheads from the face to reveal vibrant, brighter looking skin. Enjoy the sweet strawberry scent while you wait a few minutes until it dries. You will find it so much easier to apply your makeup after removing unwanted hair and dirt on the face. Only exfoliate once a week to achieve beautiful and baby soft skin.


Again, I have a strange affinity to any kind of packaging with babies faces on them so that’s what first caught my eye when I saw this, haha. Aside from that, it’s got a cute pink and strawberry theme going on! How could I not? Of course, this being all in Japanese, I wasn’t exactly sure at first what it did until I saw the words ‘skin clear pack’ on the tube and the little pictures of blackheads, etc. being removed. Easy conclusion that it was a product for ridding skin of nasty gunk! It also promises to brighten skin, which is a nice plus.


The mask itself is smooth in texture, but quite thick in consistency and very sticky! In fact, the stickiness is what it makes it quite hard to spread around. You have to work a little quickly too because once it starts clinging onto your skin as it dries, it becomes even more difficult to spread. Do you know what semi-dried glue feels like? Yeah, that’s the best comparison I can make for this. As the product claims, it does have a strawberry scent to it. It smells like strawberry candy or bubblegum, actually. But it’s not very strong, and the scent gradually fades as the mask dries anyway.


So once applied, you basically leave the mask on for 15 minutes, or until fully dried, and just peel it off. This was actually the worst part for me because the first time I used this it hurt like hell to peel it off! Instead of a mask, I felt like I was ripping duct tape off my face! I actually had to peel it off in sections because it was too painful to try to do it all at once. I never had an experience like this with any other type of peel-off mask before, then I suddenly remembered one of the product’s claims: removes unwanted/vellus hair (which is the usually fine, not so noticeable hairs like the peach fuzz on your face). No wonder! This thing was ripping hair off my face!

After my first experience, I decided I was just going to start using this on my nose where a) the most cleaning is needed and b) there’s less to no hair to pull out so it doesn’t hurt. I can’t apply this on my cheeks or anywhere else anymore because I have more hairs on those areas compared to my nose. Anyway, all that pain aside, I do notice that it pulls out the usual small amount of gross blackheads, pretty much like your regular pore strip. I don’t have them anywhere else other than my nose so during that first time, for the other areas of my face, it was mostly the vellus hair that it pulled out. My face does feel somewhat cleaner and ‘fresher’ after using this too, so I’m sure that’s a sign that it also gets rid of any existing or remaining dirt on my face like it promised. Did I notice my skin get any brighter or softer? Not really, but that’s okay. I’m more concerned about it doing its main job of cleaning my face anyway, specifically my pores. All in all, not a bad product. It pretty much does what it’s supposed to do and I can’t ask any more of it. If you’re the kind of person that wants a mask which cleans pores, as well as gets rid of unwanted peach fuzz and the like in one go, you’ll certainly love this product. I just hope you don’t have a low pain tolerance like I do!

  • Cute packaging.
  • It has a light, strawberry scent to it.
  • Cleans pores and skin by removing dirt and blackheads.
  • Affordable.
  • Difficult to spread with a very sticky consistency.
  • It can be painful to peel off if you apply it to areas with more or thicker facial hair (peach fuzz, etc.)