November 04, 2013

Why It's Okay To Wear Makeup

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with a popular website called 9GAG, right? It's a great boredom buster of a site and I see some of the funniest or interesting posts on there that I love sharing with friends. But sometimes there are uploaded posts which really hit a nerve for me.

I think we should all respect everyone's opinion, no matter what it is, but there are times when an opinion seems to defy all logic and sense that you can't help but get worked up over it, know what I mean? Recently, certain posts and comments on 9GAG have really gotten to me and they're specifically about makeup. Even more specifically, how it's able to transform someone's appearance.

Image from
Take a look at the picture. I don't know about you, but what first comes to mind for me is "Wow! Amazing job!" Putting aside any possible Photoshopping, and taking into consideration elements like proper lighting, I can still say I love what they did to her, especially that absolutely perfect contouring job. The lipstick/lipgloss is such a flattering shade on her too and now I'm curious what brand it's from because I want it as well!

However, a lot of people on 9GAG don't express the same kind of reaction. In fact, they do just the opposite. Here are just some of the comments I've gathered from posts of a similar nature (1, 2, 3) that show before and after pictures of women with and without makeup:

  • Make up should be illegal so I actually know who I'm marrying.
  • That's why make up is bad.
  • Birth rates would severely drop if the world were without makeup.
  • False advertising!

What has the world come to when women are made to feel ashamed and are judged for simply wearing makeup?

I noticed a lot of these hateful comments are centered around makeup being used to deceive. As if it was this evil tool that a woman can use to make others do her bidding or turn things in her favor. You don't know everyone's story, therefore you can never immediately judge a woman based on how much makeup she uses and why she wears it in the first place. For whatever intention a woman wears makeup, why must we point fingers and accuse her of this or that? What if certain women are just so crippled with insecurity about how they look that they believe makeup is the only thing that can give them confidence about their physical self? To be honest, instead of judging, we should be concerned. As if the media doesn't cause enough emotional (insecurity) and physical (plastic surgery, extreme dieting, etc.) damage to women and young girls alike by dictating what is "supposed" to be considered "beautiful" these days.

Look at the picture again. Do you think the woman is physically unattractive before she has makeup on? Do you think she's "ugly"? I don't. What she does look is different, but that's it. If you think, or even expect, every woman to look exactly the same with and without makeup, you're living a life of disillusion. No matter what someone looks like, slap on some makeup and there's bound to be even the slightest of differences afterwards. If a man regrets being initially attracted to a woman once he sees her without makeup, then the real issue instead is that the man is clearly too shallow for any functional and healthy relationship with a woman. Whatever happened to personalities being considered attractive as well? Can you imagine being expected to look fully made up even in your own home with your partner at all times? If your partner is more concerned about your appearance than your well-being, it's high time the relationship needs to be re-evaluated and terminated.

I can see where some of the comments are coming from by saying makeup is 'deceiving', because let's be honest, with the right application you can dramatically change any of your physical features. But whether it's 'deceiving' or not is based entirely on, once again, intention. I wear makeup for a specific intention, and that is for confidence. I don't think I'm hideous, but at the same time I'm insecure about certain features or blemishes of mine. I don't like the sight of my post-acne marks or large pores, so I cover them up with foundation and primer. I think my eyes are too dark compared to the rest of my face, so I brighten them up with a concealer and highlighter. I think my complexion is a little dull sometimes, so I fix that with some lipstick and blush. Is that bad? Should I be ashamed that I do all that? I'm not playing tricks on anyone. All I'm doing when applying my makeup each day is giving myself a boost of confidence, nothing more. If I were playing tricks and out to deceive, then you would see me denying that I look any different without makeup on.

I know this post is getting much too long, but as a final point, why do certain women who choose to not use any makeup think it's okay to look down on those who do? This is also something I've seen being mentioned here and there among the 9GAG comments. If you feel confident enough in yourself to bare it all naturally, then good for you! I'm genuinely happy you're able to do that. In fact, I'm a little jealous! But don't make others feel like they're constantly committing a crime by wearing makeup just because you do not. We all don't have the same levels of confidence or self-esteem, and that's just something that can't be helped.

Don't be afraid to wear makeup. Don't ever let someone make you feel like it's bad to. You can recognize your inner self-worth and beauty while also applying your mascara in the morning.

I've rambled on long enough, so before I finally end this post, just remember that makeup is a wonderful tool that can both make you feel and look great, as well as bring out amazing ideas and inspire your inner creativity and imagination. But true beauty comes from within. It's how you live your life and how you treat others around you, so always stay beautiful!

What do you guys think? What are your thoughts on "makeup shaming"? Do you agree that women who wear makeup are 'deceiving' others? I'd love to hear what you all have to say in the comments!