Review: not.a.sponge Volcanic Power Puff

October 01, 2013
In the mornings, I like to keep my skin care routine nice and simple. After all, what with me still needing to apply makeup after, having a quick but effective skin care regime means I save a lot of time. It also helps that you don't use too many products on your face just for skin care alone when you'll already be using layers of products for makeup right after.

So every morning, I like using a light facial wash which I follow with toner, a serum, and then some moisturizer. That's it. Didn't I say it was simple? Some days I'll add in sunscreen, but only if I know I'll be out under the sun for longer periods of time than usual since a lot of my base makeup already has sufficient sun protection.

But recently I've added another step to my morning ritual with my not.a.sponge Volcanic Power Puff that I received from Beauty Bar's product launching a couple of months ago. Since I like and need my face to be properly prepped and squeaky clean before applying makeup, I figured this would help a lot in helping me achieve that. I've tried a number of different 'cleansing tools' before, sponges included, but they've either been too harsh for my skin or I just wasn't very impressed with them overall.

Product description:
not.a.sponge* is made from the super food 'KONJAC' vegetable and a selection of results driven organic compounds that your skin will LOVE! It may look like your average sponge, but we would never want to put this 100% pure, natural, handcrafted puff of love in such a category. A fast and natural cleansing partner that will wash away impurities, returning your skin to a deeper state of euphoria. Happy washing. 
WHY WE ARE TRULY NATURALMade from 100% sustainably farmed Konjac vegetable root extracted from the plant amorphophallus konjac. Used for its medicinal properties, the Konjac has been traditionally embraced by the Asian cultures for over 100 years and we have passionately found a true artisan who has mastered the technique of creating what we think is the worlds best quality not.a.sponge* which has nothing fake about it! Your skin will love you.

There are three not.a.sponge variants for the face: Bamboo Charcoal (for deep cleansing and those with problem skin), In The Raw (for all skin types), and Volcanic Power Puff, which is what I have, that's meant for sensitive skin and helps with anti-aging.

More info for Volcanic Power Puff...
not.a.sponge* infused with volcanic scoria is gently exfoliating, anti aging and super soothing. This volcanic compound unique to pristine JeJu Island instantly exfoliates and firms the skin washing away the years and leaves you with a healthy, natural glow. Scoria is said to be hugely beneficial and powerful in calming skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis etc due to its high anti-bacterial properties… so, perfect for the extra sensitive among us. May the force be with you!
Out of all the variants, I think this is the best one for me. I have combination skin that is also a little sensitive, and because I have drier areas on my face then exfoliating them gently everyday should help them from becoming too dry. Also, since my face isn't very dirty when I wake up either, I don't need something that's particularly deep cleansing anyway.

I don't have any wrinkles just yet, so I won't be able to comment on how it can 'soften them away' as the product describes, but I do like how it promises to soothe and calm skin and that it has anti-bacterial properties because I'm also acne-prone.

This is the actual 'sponge' itself. The best way to describe how it feels, when dry, is that it's like a light-weight pumice stone, except its surface is mostly smooth. Unlike a lot of other Konjac sponges, this one is actually packaged dry and not kept moist or wet in a sealed packet.

Oh, and the attached string is for you to be able to hang the 'sponge' for drying after use. Convenient, no?

When wet like it is here, and like many ordinary sponges, it expands a little in size. It takes about 3-5 days for mine to dry completely and turn hard again. I keep mine in my bathroom though, where it's cooler, so I'm sure if you hang it in a room with more air circulation and heat it'll dry faster.

Using this is just as simple as my skin care routine! Haha. You're supposed to use it on its own, after removing your makeup, so no additional facial cleanser or soap with it. All you do is run it under warm water, squeeze out the excess, and massage your face in circular motions to 'promote oxygenation, skin cell rejuvenation, and balance the skin's natural pH'. It's gentle enough to be used around the eye area too. When you're done, rinse it off, squeeze out the excess again, then hang it up to dry until the next use.

I don't like my 'sponge' to get too dirty though, so I use it a little differently by removing my makeup, washing my face with my usual cleanser, then using this afterwards. It still does the job and the 'sponge' stays cleaner for longer. As for cleaning the 'sponge' itself, the instructions advise for you to sterilize it once a week by soaking it in boiling water. You should also replace the sponge after 2-3 months and/or when the surface starts to become cracked.


I've been using this everyday for a few weeks already and though I haven't noticed any visible effects on my skin and I still get my usual acne spots here and there, I do love how it gets my face properly prepped for all the products I'll need to slather on my face for the day. You know how you sometimes buff your nails before applying polish? I feel like this works the same way for my skin by buffing away any dry spots and getting rid of dead skin cells. It also makes my skin feel extra clean, as well as more awake and revitalized thanks to the blood circulation promotion during the massaging.

All in all I really like this and I'm tempted to re-purchase after a couple of months have gone by, perhaps one of the other kinds since I'm curious as to how effective the Bamboo Charcoal one is. I say I'm only tempted though because this 'sponge' isn't exactly cheap at almost PHP500. Sure, it'll last you a good few months, but I can also buy a much more affordable and gentle daily face scrub that can do more or less the same thing and deliver similar, or possibly even better, results. If you're someone with sensitive skin that prefers or needs to use organic/all-natural products though, then I highly recommend trying this out yourself. As for me, I guess we'll see for now!

  • Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Comes with an attached string so you can easily hang it anywhere to dry.
  • Skin feels cleaner, smoother, and more 'awake' after using.
  • Can be used everyday.
  • Might be a little too pricey for some.

Price: PHP450.00, Can be purchased from: All Beauty Bar branches