Baby Pink BB Mineral Cream

October 15, 2013
When I was in Hong Kong earlier this year, I naturally did a small beauty haul. Most of the stuff I picked up was from Sasa, a really popular store where you can buy tons of makeup and skincare products. One of the things I bought is the Baby Pink BB Mineral Cream ($89HKD).

I adore the packaging. I think it's super cute and I have a strange affinity for things with babies' faces on them, I don't know why! Most of the info is written in Japanese, unfortunately, so I can't give a full product description but basically it's an 8-in-1 BB cream that acts as a milky lotion, essence, cream, UV protection, makeup base, concealer, foundation, and finishing powder altogether.

It's also supposed to absorb excess oil to help your makeup last longer, reflect light to make your pores appear smaller, even out skin tone, and contains 79.4% of essence that hydrates your skin and gives it more radiance. It also has SPF35 PA+++ which is more than sufficient sun protection, I think.

The BB cream itself's packaging is equally cute. It's quite small and holds only about 20g of product, but I like the continued pink theme with gold detail. Its size also makes it very travel-friendly and you can just pop this into your makeup kit if you feel like bringing it along.

The opening where the product is dispensed is small as well so you're able to easily control how much comes out.

The BB cream comes in two shades: 01 Light Beige and 02 Natural Beige. Mine is in 01 Light Beige and it's a good match for me, whereas the other one was a shade too dark. I like the consistency of this because it's easy to blend out and isn't too thick nor is it runny.

Bare face
Here I've just washed my face and put on moisturizer, nothing else. I've been breaking out more than usual lately along my jawline which means I'm suffering from hormonal imbalance (still need to see a dermatologist about that) so there's existing acne I need to cover up as well as dark spots from old ones. There's also my large pores and naturally dark eyes.

After applying the Baby Pink BB Mineral Cream
Once applied I noticed my skin tone was definitely evened out and the redness on my cheeks was practically gone so that's one product claim that stayed true. My pores were minimized too, but only very slightly, and it did manage to lighten the area under my eyes as well as any dark spots a little. The coverage of this BB cream is light though, so any zits were still visible and needed concealer.

I find that this product isn't particularly drying, but if I haven't moisturized properly beforehand then it'll definitely cling onto any dry patches and emphasize them so I can't say this acts as a 'milky lotion', 'essence' (my skin doesn't look any more radiant even after multiple uses) or 'cream' for me. The finish is also more satin, almost dewey, rather than powdery like it's supposed to be. Staying power isn't so great which was my biggest disappointment as it was fading noticeably halfway through the day, even if I used a setting spray (haven't tried this with a primer yet though) and I wasn't doing any sweating or anything. I always use my nose as a gauge to see if a certain BB cream or foundation is disappearing because I have small blackheads on my nose so if they start appearing again, then I know the makeup is fading. Oil control was pretty poor too as I still got the usual amount of shine on my T-zone after 2-3 hours.

Overall, with everything considered, this is a decent BB cream at most. I'm pretty much in between regretting that I purchased it and being satisfied with it. If you have normal skin and don't have much or anything to cover up and conceal then this would be perfect for you. I can't really recommend this to either those with dry or oily skin because it can emphasize dryness if you already have naturally dry skin, and with its less than impressive staying power it can disappear even faster if you have oily skin. If you have combination skin like me then you just have to remember to prep your skin well beforehand. I think I plan to just use this as a makeup base from now on for before I apply any foundation if I want a more full coverage and flawless look.

  • Super cute packaging.
  • The tube is travel-friendly in size and can easily fit into most makeup kits.
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • Lightens any dark spots and areas a little.
  • Has sufficient sun protection.
  • Poor staying power and oil control.
  • Coverage is too light for my liking.
  • Can cling onto and emphasize any dry patches, application becomes uneven.
  • It does minimize my pores, but only very slightly.
  • My skin doesn't look any more radiant from the essence even after multiple uses.
  • Only available in 2 shades.
  • I think it's a little pricey for such a small tube.
  • Can give off a slight white cast with flash due to the SPF.
  • I can't remember if the ingredients were written in Japanese or not written at all, it was either, so I can't verify if this is truly a mineral BB cream or not.