June 28, 2013

Goodbye, Google Reader!

As I'm sure many of us have been aware for a long time now, Google Reader will be expiring on July 1st which is just a couple of days from now. It sucks we'll be losing the convenience of it, but what can you do? I just hope we'll get some sort of replacement service soon.

So with that I'd just like to remind my dear readers that you can still keep up with my entries via Bloglovin.

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Other social networking sites I use and you can also follow me at are: Twitter, Google+, InstagramShe Said Beauty, and NetworkedBlogs.

Like I said, Google Reader will be going but I didn't mention GFC (Google Friend Connect) because no announcement has been made regarding it. I've noticed that many people have simply assumed that with the former going, then the latter will too. It very well might, but not yet as of now. These two blogs will explain more: link, link.

Hope to see you all on Bloglovin from now on!