April 09, 2013

My March SaladBox

Time for another SaladBox post! Though it's already April, I only received my SaladBox for March yesterday. I actually paid for a February box but I was informed that they were sold out already so they said I'd get the next box, which was for March. But for some reason, I never received it during the month of March. I actually e-mailed them twice asking about it until it finally arrived. So yes, there was a two month delay after I paid! This is an added reason for why I've started considering subscribing to the seemingly more popular BDJ Box or Glamourbox instead. Both tend to carry brands I'm much more interested in anyway, but the BDJ Box in particular gets sold out fast. In fact, the May boxes are already gone! Hm, I guess I'll decide soon which one I'd rather go for.

Anyway, here's the SaladBox un-boxing for March! From the initial opening of it, I'm already more impressed compared to the last box I received back in October of last year.

Though I've heard nothing but good things about Carmex, I've never purchased any of their balms yet! So far, the Nivea lip balms are my absolute favorite, but I'm glad they included this as I finally got the chance to try it. However, despite the fact that it moisturizes really well, it seems to leave a particular and unpleasant minty taste in my mouth the moment I apply it to my lips. Mind you, I didn't even lick my lips and yet I could taste it. Strange! But, I do like how it has added SPF in it.

ALYSSA ASHLEY is another brand I've been curious about as I see these fragrances in practically every department store. I love the scent of this musk! Not too heavy, and not too delicate at the same time. I think it's perfect for an everyday fragrance.

I was very excited they included 2 bottles of lotion from Avon's Skin So Soft line! I've been wanting to try one of their lotions for a while now and I can't wait to give this a test run. If I like it, I'll definitely be purchasing a full-sized bottle, particularly from their lotions which are supposed to firm and tone up the skin.

It was also perfect timing for them to include this (organic) Tomato Soap Acne-Cleansing Bar from Mir & Ryvi because I've been breaking out a little recently! According to the instructions, you're supposed to wash your face (or body) with this and leave the soap on for 3 minutes before rinsing off. Also, since it's organic, Beauty Bar's website states that "If you are allergic to common acne cleansing bar that has benzoyl peroxide, Erythromycin or Salycid Acid , this is the best natural alternative for you." I'm planning to put aside my usual Neutrogena facial cleanser for a while and use this regularly until I finish it up. If I like it, I'll purchase a full-sized bar and do a proper review!

Saving the best for last! This Sophia Eyelash Enhancer from Virginia Olsen claims that it can thicken and lengthen your lashes in as little as 8 weeks, and that full results can be seen in 16 weeks. Apparently this is also the full size version already, so I'm very pleased I can give this a full test run and do a proper review of it soon as well!

So what did you guys think? Which product from the box do you think you'd like the most? Did you also get your March SaladBox for this year? If so, what's your favorite pick from it and why? I'd love to know!