My Beauty Confessions

January 16, 2013
Like any other person, I have my fair share of secrets. Some I'd only reveal to very close friends, and others I'd never dare tell anyone. When it comes to beauty and makeup, you could say I have my own 'secrets' as well, which I actually do feel like sharing with my readers in the form of, of course, confessions. Consider this list sort of a beauty rant as well as I'll be detailing what bugs me when it comes to anything to do with beauty products and cosmetics.

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1. I still use expired makeup. Yes, I know that using any sort of makeup past their expiration date is bad, bad, bad. But I've been doing this for years and so far have not had any negative or worrying reactions! No extreme break outs, no rashes, no infections, nothing! Hold on though, I do have my limits. Any makeup that generally involves the (inner) eyes and lips, I do ditch when needed. That's a risk that's too big for me to take. The last thing I want is impaired vision because of expired eyeliner or mascara or itchy and blistering lips. However, all my makeup is for personal use, so there's no contact risk with other people, and I keep all my cosmetics sealed tight and clean my applicators (brushes and sponges) regularly. I read another blog post some time ago that if this was the case, your makeup actually lasts longer in terms of extending its expiration date. I still don't encourage anyone to do what I do though! If you feel more comfortable chucking away expired eye shadow, lipstick, and the like, then feel free to do so! I just, personally, find it a bit of a waste when say a particular blush still works really well and I suffer no side effects even if it's a few months past expiration. This is particularly true for my more high-end branded cosmetics. How can I bear to throw away a gorgeous Chanel eyeshadow quad when there's still so much more left to be used?

2. I hate sales ladies/assistants who treat you like a potential thief. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this one! You're there casually browsing the aisles of a department store or just looking at the newest collection from MAC or Benefit and there's a sales assistant who's practically breathing down your neck and watching your every move. If she's surprisingly managed to give you some personal space, then at the very least she's eyeing you like a hawk in case your hand so much as nears your pocket or bag while you're holding a product you're thinking of buying. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand that they're pretty much just doing their job by being wary of shoplifters and that's great! But, in the end, my shopping experience becomes immediately uncomfortable and I'll admit, I sometimes end up no longer in the mood to purchase anything and just leave. I feel like I'm not a respected customer, so why should I bother shelling out money to the establishment? Why not invest in a good CCTV system, for example, and allow the customers and sales assistants alike to be more at ease? After all, if cameras and security personnel are properly watching all corners of the store, then the assistants or people working there can do more productive things instead of trailing along behind almost each and every customer like they're going to grab items and make a run for it. Sadly, I have been to places where even with a cameras mounted to ceilings nearly everywhere, I'm still looked at (and treated) like a would-be shoplifter.

3. I'd rather go out with bad makeup than no makeup at all. I'm just one of those girls who simply can't leave the house without something on. I do have a decent sense of self-esteem, but I still feel more comfortable with, at the very least, some foundation/BB cream and lipstick or lipgloss. I just can't stand being out of the house and looking like what I describe as a plain Jane, plus with all my pores and other blemishes for the world to see! On that note, I'd much rather be out with slightly cakey looking makeup or uneven eyeliner than with nothing on my face at all. At least it appears that I took the effort to doll up and I've concealed all my flaws. Do you get me?

4. I don't like when people tell me "You have too much makeup". Forgive me, but the last I checked, no one has the right to tell me I or anyone else that they have too much or too little of anything. This may sound snobbish or pretentious, but how much makeup or other beauty products I have is my business. I also have good, and frankly logical, reasons for having say a dozen lipsticks or ten different eyeliners that any beauty buff or enthusiast would agree with. Different occasions or even different times of day call for different makeup products. We sure can't be sporting a bright red lip for the office, can we? That already ensures I can't just have one or two lipsticks to work with. If my skin is particularly dry one day, you can bet I'll be reaching for a more moisturizing foundation or BB cream and not any of my other ones with matte finishes. I think these two examples I've just given is enough to justify everything else and solidify my point.

5. I wish I could wear very dark eye makeup, but it doesn't suit me at all. I'm not just talking about dark eyeshadow because I love wearing them, especially pairing it with a light or nude lip. I also love sporting very vampy lips. I'm referring to more of very dark, charcoal rimmed eyes a la Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless. I know a lot of people aren't big fans of her look and poke fun at her for looking like a 'raccoon', but I still can't help but love the look in general. Sadly, it makes my already quite big eyes look small and almost squinty and I find that the rest of my features aren't complimented either, especially since I already have very dark brows already. It intensifies my entire face and not in a good way, I just end up drowning in the look.

Hope you guys found this post quite interesting and can even relate to one or two of my confessions. Do you have any of your own you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about them! x


  1. I too use expired makeup, especially when it's expensive haha! Dark eye make up does not suit me, too.


  2. I have a confession. I'm using expired found. I've had it over a year, and I love it!! I haven't been breaking out, no funky smell, and I don't want to toss a 30$ foundation because its past its" best by " date

  3. It's only really when the makeup starts to look very different from when I purchased it do I throw it out, expensive or not. Haha. x

  4. Nakaka-relate ako sa lahat except sa #5. i thik okay naman sa aki ag dark make-up.


  5. hi, I nominated you to the Liebster Award :)

  6. Thank you so much, Arya! Will make a post about it asap. x

  7. It's super uncomfortable, no? Sigh.

  8. I also don't like people telling me that I wore too much makeup, I don't know if this people just envy my look or they are stock with the old age, those who are not so adventurous about their look (mga manang). I always wanted to wear loud red lipstick but their were still annoying people who will just stare differently at you (as if there's something wrong at you). I'm also the kind of girl who can't leave the house without makeup ^_^

  9. Me too, I can't concentrate what I need from the store if SA keep following you. Very annoying.