My October SaladBox

November 05, 2012
Last week my first SaladBox for October finally arrived! I was a bit worried because I found that some people were already getting theirs mid-October, but thankfully it arrived in great condition eventually. So let's find out what I received, shall we?

Very sleek, simple but ultra classic packaging! As you can see it arrived in near pristine condition which was great.

Ta-dah! Here are all the lovely things I got sent. Everything's neatly placed and organized and nothing broke open or leaked in transit, so added props to SaladBox.

First up is this perfume (for women/pour femme) called "Heaven" from HOTSHOP. It's got a sophisticated scent and smells like something I'd spritz on for an evening out. I find it the scent a bit too 'heavy' or pungent though, and I don't know if it's just me but it smells kind of like a fragrance for men instead? I actually might give this to my uncle if he likes it.

Next is this sample-sized "Spiced Fig Tea" room spray from BC Fragrance (had to squint to read the tiny, blurry text on the label to see the company name). I LOVE the scent of this! It's soft, easy on the nose, and smells almost like baby powder. Not sure if I can detect any actual fig in it! But now I do wish I had a larger bottle because I'd be pleased if my room smelled like it.

Now as someone who's very particular about having clean and nice smelling hands, it was great to receive two bottles of a hand sanitizer product I haven't tried before! I particularly love the kinds that foam up because I feel that they 'clean better' even if I'm well aware that they're just the same as gel or spritz ones, haha. I'm now a fan of Sakura foam hand sanitizer because I get just about enough product for both hands with just one pump and it carries the tiniest bit of scent. In fact, it almost seems unscented at first which is a plus for those of you who don't like scented products at all. In the case of my hands, I prefer very little or no scent so this is good stuff! I just hope the pump mechanism will last because though I love my foam sanitizers as I said, it seems the pumps for them no longer function as well once I've been using the product for a while.

Imagine my happy surprise at receiving two lovely looking (loose) eyeshadow shades from Virginia Olsen! I've always wanted to give this reputed brand a try and I'm glad they gave a bold (Pink Diamond) and more neutral shade (Tulips) for me to try out.

Last but not least, two sachets of "Crystal Anti-Dandruff Shampoo" from Black Beauty. I've never actually tried any of their hair products before though I've heard mostly good things about it so I want to give this a go as soon as possible!

So what are my thoughts? This is my first box from SaladBox and I'm quite happy with what I've gotten! My favorite products so far are definitely the Virginia Olsen eyeshadows and the Sakura foam hand sanitizers. For PHP500.00 a month only, getting all these products to try out is quite the steal, I think! However, I've already cancelled my subscription with SaladBox for now because I want to try out BDJBox soon instead and compare the two. I've been hearing and seeing on other blogs that BDJBox is both cheaper (at PHP480.00) and is packed with more 'expensive' or 'higher end' products. Hmm, I guess we'll have to see which I like best after I get around to subscribing to BDJBox and seeing what I get, huh?

Did any of you guys get your own SaladBox last month or are waiting for your November one? What did you think? What are you hoping to get? Let me know! Until next time, lovelies!

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