Review: Cherry Lip Gel Patch (Etude House)

November 30, 2012
Another lip product, another review! This time, Etude House's Cherry Lip Gel Patch which I'll admit, I fell for just because it looked so cute and I learned was one of the newer items from EH. Also, remember my previous entry about me having dry lips? You can see why I bought this one right away.

The product claims to be "Formulated with vitalizing cherry extract, this lip-shaped hydro gel patch hydrates, repairs, and soothes for soft, supple, and smooth lips."

Isn't the illustration on the back adorable? It also demonstrates how to use the patch already, but nonetheless, how does one use this "lip patch" exactly? As an alternative to lip scrubs, and according to the directions, "Place onto clean lips and leave on for 10~15 minutes. Massage remaining product into your lips." Now I bet you're wondering how it looks in real life, well let's see!

Does it look like I had horrible lip surgery done? Haha, I guess not, but it definitely looks a little silly. I get that they made it big to accomodate all lip shapes and sizes, but I think they went a bit too far and could have just made it a little oversized and not something that also covers up my chin...then again, maybe they wanted to make sure the skin around your lips becomes moisturized too since those areas can get dry for some people? That's what I think anyway.

  • Very cute and girly packaging if you're into that! Definitely eye-catching at the very least
  • It made my lips feel really soft and smooth after
  • I liked how I could taste a faint hint of cherry on my lips! It smells like cherry candy too
  • Not exactly a pain or hassle for me, but it's best to lie down when using this because if you're upright and/or moving around, the patch starts to slide down and off your lips so you'll need to be constantly adjusting it
  • Some people may be hesitant to buy this because even though PHP148.00 isn't too expensive of a price, it is a one-time use product after all
  • Since the product is very wet/moist and slippery, it's a bit difficult to get it out of the packaging, and as you can see I kind of tore it a little bit (the little 'gash' on the lower left side) with my nail in my attempt to pick it up and separate it from the plastic because the moisture made it 'stick' to the plastic itself
  • The effects weren't very long-lasting. Treat this like a face mask for your lips. Once you start eating, licking your lips, go out into cold weather, etc. then expect your lips to go back to normal, shall we say. Of course, there's always lip balm you can reach for and which I suggest you do
Price: PHP148.00, Purchased from: Etude House (SM Megamall)


  1. I find this product quite weird but somehow cute. It's not something I'd buy since it's only a 1 time thing... I would just settle of a really good lip balm. But thanks for the review! :D

  2. Yeah, I just got it to try it out really! Also because it was so cute, of course. :)

  3. This one is so cute even if it looks silly. I'm vain with my lips, so I might just get this just for kicks. :D Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. You're welcome! :) And yeah, 'for kicks' is pretty much the reason why I got it! Haha

  5. The Unprofessional Beauty BlogThursday, December 13, 2012

    This looks like an ok product. I wonder why they make it so big instead of something smaller that may actually fit well onto the lips.

  6. That's what I questioned too. I mean...nobody has lips THAT big, so they could afford to make it significantly smaller. But like I said, perhaps they want to moisturize the immediate area around the lips too? I get dry there also sometimes, so it kind of helped. :)

  7. Thanks, Christine! It looks fun so I'll definitely be doing it!

  8. haha, it does look pretty funny~ I haven't tried this but I think ill skip this even though it is pretty interesting to look at ^_~

  9. I don't think I'll be re-purchasing it either, but it was nice to try out! Haha :)

  10. This lip patch looks so funny haha xD Reminds me that I need a lip scrub.. >_< I get horrid dry lips too.

  11. Isn't it? Haha! I still have my lip scrubs and I use them a few times a week. The patch is definitely something you just treat yourself to every now and then because it's not exactly a practical product, as cute as it is!

  12. It looks very strange!

  13. can i use it more than one? :o

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  14. No, for hygiene's sake, it can only be used once.