Review: Daily Sun Protect (Myra)

September 04, 2012
I've noticed in the past few months or so that my skin has started to become quite dry. As I've mentioned once or twice before in other entries, I have combination skin so I've always had dry areas on my face, namely my cheeks and around my nose, while my t-zone has remained as oily as it ever was. But it seems my dry areas have grown even drier and I can't really figure out why. Perhaps it's because I'm getting older? Aging usually leads to drier skin after all. Yes, I'm only 24, but it doesn't mean my skin won't start changing already, right?

If you're like me, or just have dry skin overall, you'll know what a pain it is when you take the effort to moisturize, apply your makeup, and see that your skin is still dry and only emphasized because of your makeup. In my case, it usually happens once I apply powder and it 'gathers' and 'clumps' around dry patches on my face. Now I'm on the hunt for a good moisturizer that'll not only effectively hydrate my skin, but also not add to the already existing oiliness of my t-zone.

So what did I decide to go with first? Myra's Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer (Double Sunscreen Protection w/ SPF 15).

I was immediately attracted to this product because I really liked the idea of a moisturizer with added SPF so I don't have to worry about applying sunblock anymore as well, and SPF 15-20 is the minimum needed for necessary everyday protection from the sun.

Oh, and it's also enriched with Vitamin E as you'd expect from Myra, so at least you'll be nourishing your skin too at the same time.

The product comes in a squeeze type bottle with a flip-top cover which I prefer a lot more than the covers which you have to 'screw' on. However, for some reason, even if I'm careful to squeeze gently to just dispense what I need, I find that I get a lot more than I was hoping for and I get a bit of wastage every now and then.

The product itself, just like all the other variations of the Myra moisturizers, is nice and lightweight in feel and doesn't leave you greasy at all after applying. It also absorbs quickly into the skin. As for scent, it smells like a more delicate version of regular sunblock, as you'd expect I guess.

I quite like this product, actually. As it claims, it does make my skin soft and also a little supple immediately after I put it on. However, despite the fact that I've been using this regularly for the past couple of weeks (every morning as part of my daytime skincare routine, specifically), I find that its hydrating power doesn't seem strong enough for days when my skin is a little drier than usual. I'll still see skin flaking off around my nose a little and dry patches on my cheek when I apply bb cream/foundation or powder a short while later. In other words, I was hoping for a moisturizer that could handle even my extra dry days! Skin can be temperamental at times, as we all know. In the end this would probably be better suited as an everyday day moisturizer for those with normal or combination skin as long as your dry areas don't get a little extreme at times like mine!

  • SPF protection! It's got the minimum amount you need if you'll be exposed to the sun for a few hours or so throughout the day. If you'll be under the blazing Philippine sun for prolonged periods of time, I highly suggest a product with higher SPF (at least 25-30)
  • Lightweight feel on the skin that's easily absorbed
  • I haven't noticed growing any oilier from using this so if you've got oily areas on your face, it shouldn't add to it and make it worse. I still wouldn't recommend this for people with oily skin overall though. Find an oil-free moisturizer for your particular skin type instead just in case!
  • My skin felt very soft and and supple right away each time I applied it
  • Affordable! I can't quite recall how much I bought this product for (will edit this when I check soon), but it was definitely less than PHP90.00 for 50ml worth of the stuff.
  • Scented, which reminds me of body sunblock for the beach. If you don't like scented products at all, you may not like this too much for everyday use
  • I'm listing this as neutral because I can't quite say if it's the product's packaging being at fault or me, but despite being as careful as I can, more often than not I end up with a bit too much product and it just ends up being wastage. Since you can't see how much product is still left inside, it only gets progressively harder to gauge how hard you'll have to squeeze each time
  • If you're a dry-skinned individual, or a combination-skinned gal like me with very dry areas, this product may not be strong enough to hydrate your skin or where you need it - especially if you'll be placing makeup on afterwards
  • Not long-lasting. Even if it was enough to get rid off and treat my dry skin, it certainly didn't last long enough as they just appeared again or were emphasized once I put on my makeup less than an hour later
I most likely won't be repurchasing this. I can't say I regret buying this product, it certainly delivers with its claims, but not enough for my needs basically! Extra, long-lasting hydration to get rid of that dry, flaky skin is what it lacks for me.

Purchased from: Robinson's Galleria (Ortigas)


  1. I know what you mean about the cons. But my sis and I used to buy this because it does deliver and we already have oily skin so dry skin isn't much of a problem. :P

  2. My skin is temperamental and I hate it...some days I have a very oily t-zone and dry cheeks, other days my t-zone is only slightly oily and my cheeks are extra dry. So frustrating! Haha

  3. i have yet to try this one! thanks for sharing!

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    feel free to follow if you like it. looking forward to more of your posts. :)

    xoxo, Chamee

  4. I also have thoughts of this product in my blog. It didn't work really well for me. :\