Review: Masquerade 4D Black Dress Mask (TONY MOLY)

June 06, 2012
Another review, another TONY MOLY product!

What can I say? I've been splurging on them quite recently, but I do have other products from other brands in mind (Etude House, Maybelline, and Lioele specifically) that I already either recently bought or will purchase soon enough that I'll definitely put to the test also.

This time around however, it's TONY MOLY's Masquerade 4D Black Dress Mask. The review will be short and sweet since how much detail exactly can one go for a one-time use face mask?

Isn't the packaging just the cutest? I love anything that's masquerade-themed, and a part of me still wishes it was shaped like an actual, traditional masquerade mask but that would be silly. Haha.

There are, of course, instructions in English and Korean; but the illustrations are already easy enough to understand. Cleanse your face first like you normally do, then unfold the mask, place it onto your face and arrange it so it covers as much as possible and sits on your face properly, then rub in the excess or leftover serum afterwards when you remove it. The mask should be left on for 15-20 minutes.

The mask itself. Yes, it really is black! Gave quite a few people in my house a surprise when they stumbled upon me wearing it because it does kind of make you look like a mugger or burglar with a ski mask on. I just pulled it straight from the package so it's still thickly covered in the formula.

More product info and claims: 30㎖ Watery Oil Type. Improves wrinkles and provides elasticity.

Ingredients: Black Wrinkle Complex (adenosine, acacia collagen, chrysanthemum callus culture extract / black honey / black bean / black pearl / wine extract / white pine water / lavender / tomato

You should note that I didn't expect any immediate or dramatic effects after using this product since first of all, it is only a face mask and is more for pampering and adding that boost of improvement to your skin than anything. Its main claim is also to improve wrinkles and provide elasticity to the skin. But as a 24 year old, I still have no wrinkles that actually need improving (yet) so I can't comment on that particular claim. However, I did mention earlier that it did make my skin feel quite supple afterwards so it may hold onto the latter claim of providing elasticity. I highly suggest for older women, especially those with dry skin, to try this product out for sure!

  • The packaging design is lovely and eye-catching, and the mask itself is unique with its black coloring
  • It has quite a pleasant, almost powdery, scent
  • It has a cooling sensation to it, so it's a plus when you want to pamper yourself to beat the heat while also improving your skin
  • My skin feels smoother and nearly 2 hours after using it, it still feels supple and hydrated. I think this would be particularly great also for those with dry skin
  • The excess serum or formula takes a while to be absorbed into the skin when you're done using the mask, even after rubbing or massaging it in. It took at least 30-45 minutes before I could apply my toner and moisturizer
  • Some may find it a bit pricey for just one mask
Price: PHP138.00, Purchased from: TONY MOLY (SM Makati)


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  3. Wow, great review.. I have a few masks here I haven't tried, after reading this I might be trying one soon and maybe we can compare notes.. :) 

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  5. I won a couple of masks in a giveaway. I really don't know if I could use them tho. I am a little lazy when it comes to stuff like that. Hihi. Bad!

  6. I've made it a habit to to use a face mask (whether it's the ones you unfold and simply place on or things like mud masks) at least once a week. Sunday is like my home spa day where I treat both my face and hair! :)

  7. Thank you! And yes, I'd love to read your take on other masks since I just love using them! :)