May 25, 2012

Dolcellita debuts!

The first entry to my blog.

After months of procrastination, I've decided to start up my beauty/lifestyle blog and hopefully start reviewing a variety of things, not just beauty products and the like. Why start a blog like this? For the same reason that a lot of other similar bloggers began their own; I simply like talking about my experiences with products and experiences in general.

I've had a number of blogs already in the past, all of them personal ones, and this will be my first public blog that I hope I can update as often as possible.

So with that, do you guys have any suggestions or ideas on what I should review? I've got a few ideas of my own already, but I'd still love to hear from you first. Any new products (hopefully I can start off with beauty products) I should try out or places I should check out in the general Manila area? Let me know via a comment! Or you can always shoot me an e-mail at